ST Members to Present Fossil Fuel Divestment Proposal to the Trent Board of Governors on January 31st


Sustainable Trent members Julian Tennent-Riddell and Calvin Beauchesne will be ramping up the fossil fuel divestment campaign when they present their fossil fuel divestment proposal to the Board of Governors at their upcoming meeting. Julian Tennent-Riddell has been investigating Trent’s investments and investment policies as part of a Community Based Education project, in order to gain insight into the specifics of how Trent can divest from fossil fuels, so this research will be incorporated into the presentation.

The Board meeting room does not have capacity for a large delegation of people, so we ask that folks do not attend unless they have received a personal invitation from us.

This is a big moment in this campaign. The Board of Governors will have until their next meeting in March to officially come up with a response to our proposal.

Last year 76% of students that voted in the TCSA Spring elections voted in support of fossil fuel divestment, as outlined in the fossil fuel divestment referendum: (page 4). We have the support of the Trent student body, we just need the Board of Governors to listen to them.

If Trent University refuses to divest from the fossil fuel industry, then we will no longer be the leader in sustainability that we boast about. It makes no sense to green the campus without greening our financial portfolio as well. Hundreds of thousands of people die from climate change every year:

By investing in the fossil fuel industry, Trent has blood on its hands.

Join the Facebook event:

SIgn the petition calling on Trent University to divest from fossil fuels:

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Join the Growing Movement to Divest Trent from Fossil Fuels:

An Update on the Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign:

Fossil Fuel Divestment Makes Financial Sense:

How to Avoid the Carbon Bubble: Divest from Fossil Fuels:

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