Municipal Election Candidate Highlight- Jocasta Boone, Monaghan Ward


Jocasta Boone started her first business at the tender age of 22, designing and marketing her own line of children’s clothing. She was so successful at branding and marketing her own product that soon others approached her to help with those aspects of their business. So after five years in kid’s clothing she launched her own marketing business.  Since then she has become a successful independent business woman in branding and marketing in addition to being a change activator, strategist, personal coach, author, and mother raising three children.

Jocasta has always known she would like to get involved in politics; she is the kind of person who wants to contribute to her community, but needed to wait until the time was right.  Then, eight years ago, something happened which changed her life. Her father was diagnosed at 56 with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Through her family’s struggle to cope with and care for her father’s illness Jocasta came to a profound awareness of the brevity of our time on this planet and the need to be decisive about what we want to accomplish to help make this world a better place.

Now is the right time for Jocasta Boone! Her children are in or near their teens, and she is concerned about what Peterborough will have to offer them. With youth unemployment in the city well over 20% she is concerned there may not be a future for them here after their schooling is finished.

She believes that there is so much potential in Peterborough that is going unrealized, and that change is needed to optimize that potential. If you are passionate about positive change, you have to do all you can to make it happen.  Jocasta should know – she makes part of her living as a Change Activator and Strategist. “We may all want to make positive changes”, she told me, “but the fear of failure and the relative comfort of the familiar stands in the way of the courage needed to move toward a new dynamic. By doing due diligence and exploring our alternatives in the process of change”, she explains, “we can approach change with more confidence and less fear.”

So what are some of the changes she would like to see in our city?

  • Innovation: the preferred and standard solutions for the past 50 years are no longer viable and we need innovative ways of looking at our current problems in order to find relevant evidence-based solutions.
  • Jobs A top priority: creating a diverse economic landscape by not only attracting permanent, sustainable, responsible employers to Peterborough but fostering climate for entrepreneurship and small business.
  • Create Greater Civic Awareness and Input ~ Encouraging meaningful citizen involvement and creativity to craft more community specific solutions, and further the opportunity for people to give back to their community.
  • Sustainable Solutions ~ Dealing with the root problems rather than merely treating the symptoms
  • Fiscal Responsibility ~  We need to spend responsibly and we need to involve citizens in fiscal decisions.
  • Strong Neighborhoods ~ This demands intelligent zoning, and good services.
  • A Vibrant Downtown ~ The entire city benefits from a thriving downtown. We need to cultivate the further growth and development of our downtown.
  • Diversity ~ Ensure that citizens of all ages and backgrounds can choose to live in and contribute to our city’s future.
  • Arts, Culture and Heritage ~ Continue to nurture and grow this essential part of our city.

Visit Jocasta’s website where there is more information about her platform and ideas, together with information on how to volunteer or contribute to her campaign.

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