Peterborough Municipal Election 2014- Where the Mayoral/City Council candidates stand on the Parkway




DARYL BENNETT: Yes, because good planning requires that we meet the compelling need for better north south traffic movement; because we need to remove regional traffic from local streets; because the roadway will serve as an excellent transit route; and because the alternative is to spend even more money on interim road solutions that will ultimately fail in any event.

GEORGE ‘TERRY’ LEBLANC: Yes – with certain considerations taken in, such as the environment. Cars are going to be with us for another 100 years, and gas-burning cars another 50 years at least, so we have to be ready for that. There’s a lot of NIMBYs and armchair quarterbacks complaining about this, but we need progress.

MARYAM MONSEF: No. I am not in favour of proceeding with the Parkway. It is not affordable financially, and it is not environmentally sustainable. As Mayor, what I will say yes to, is to directing efforts to support smarter transportation infrastructure investments. I will say yes to focussing on maintaining existing transportation infrastructure first, before new, expensive development.

PATTI PEETERS: Partially. There have been several options offered over the last several years and they have fallen on deaf ears, those opportunities would not include the bridge over Jackson Park, but they would be an incredible boost to solving the traffic calming issues throughout the interior of the city. The several other recommendations that would achieve solutions for a succesful north/west that would serve the city of Peterborough and several growth areas for many years to come. This would be accomplished without the added millions of dollars for tax payers.

ALAN WILSON: There is probably more confusion around this issue now than ever before. Is it two or four lane? Medical Drive is two lane so if the balance of the Parkway is two lane we do not need to take down houses on Fairbairn nor do we need a bridge over Jackson Park. If it is pushed through by the next Mayor how will it affect property taxes? We need to refocus on building neighbourhoods where children can play safely instead of subdivisions with through streets.

TOM YOUNG: We need to focus on alternate forms of transportation such as public transit, cycling and pedestrian trails. This would also go a long way toward improving the downtown. In relation to jobs, the work is there.  We just need to shift away from volunteerism and toward paid employment.  This would also address many of the social problems in the downtown and make the job of the Police Service less demanding.

Ward 1- Otonabee

DAN MCWILLIAMS: Yes – ensuring proper traffic flow throughout our community for all citizens which will help alleviate the major concerns of cut through traffic in residential areas. This will also acknowledge to all investors that Peterborough is aggressively addressing traffic infrastructure and is open for business.

STEPHEN MORGAN: No. Let’s build a fast road west of the city/Fleming with the county to have fast access to the north end. The parkway was designed to have quick access through the city.  “This ship has sailed.”

LESLEY PARNELL: It is no longer “The Parkway.”  It will be a complete street on the Parkway route.  Voted against the bridge but for the new road.  We need proper infrastructure to minimize excess traffic through residential neighbourhoods.

KIM ZIPPEL: I support linking the Parkway from Clonsilla to Sherbrooke, but I’m not convinced that we need to continue north of Parkhill Road. I don’t believe that we can justify spending tens of millions of tax dollars on a project that we may not need, when we could invest in infrastructure that citizens in Otonabee Ward have indicated that we do need to: prevent flooding, improve public transit, maintain our roads and sidewalks, and to calm traffic to make our neighbourhoods safe.

Ward 2- Monaghan 

JOCASTA BOONE: I support the first phase connecting the two existing sections from Clonsilla to Sherbrooke. I do not support the extension of the Parkway, north of Parkhill through Jackson Park. The extremely large financial commitment does not provide an equal return on investment and will leave us with few resources to address the many other road, infrastructure and traffic issues that desperately need our attention.

HENRY CLARKE: I voted in favour of the Parkway road network, and against the bridge over Jackson Park, which had a far less expensive and environmentally more friendly alternative that we had already approved. The road network is necessary – the entire north end was planned and constructed on the basis of a north-south corridor being required in the future.

DAVID EDGERTON: I am in support of the Parkway.

DON VASSILIADIS: Peterborough is growing and needs to work with a transportation plan. We need to meet the needs of our growing and progressive community. I am concerned about the cost of the bridge over Jackson Park.

JEFF WESTLAKE: I support the Parkway, with no reservations.

Ward 3- Town Ward

JIM HENDRY: The 1948 Parkway design is outdated. Instead develop north-south corridors along Airport Rd./Brealey Dr./Ackison Rd and Television Rd./Parkhill Rd./University Rd. with appropriate widenings, turn lanes etc. as necessary. If a future council does continue with The Parkway it should not include a bridge over Jackson Park.

BILL JUBY: I support the full build-out of the Parkway. I see it as a necessity in the short term to eliminate cut-thru traffic in residential neighbourhoods and to reduce traffic on streets like Monaghan Rd. that were never designed to handle the volume of traffic that they are experiencing. In terms of long range planning, a North/South arterial road is essential to service the growth and development that we have approved and will be required to approve in the near future. It goes without saying, that Jackson Park is a local treasure. Everything possible will be done to minimize and mitigate impact on the park by the construction.

DEAN PAPPAS: I moved that we send the The Parkway EA back to explore a different  option. I felt that all options had not been fully modeled out and  some assumptions have been based on a moving target of growth  projections. We have many Council approved projects that have been  pushed out because of the Parkway EA. With a limited amount of dollars available we need to balance our capital projects.

JASON STABLER: Traffic on local streets is a real issue in Peterborough, and while some have argued that the Parkway is the solution, many traffic studies have shown that increasing road capacity actually attracts traffic.

DIANE THERRIEN :The Parkway is an antiquated idea. The bridge should not be built, as the long-term maintenance costs will be too high for us to afford. Many other roads in the city need maintenance; we should spend capital dollars to fix these instead of building a new megaproject. We need to prioritize our park space and invest instead in our transit system and active forms of transportation.

Ward 4- Ashburnham

GARY BALDWIN: At present I am not in support of the Parkway extension north of Parkhill Rd. The Southern extension, around Clonsilla and hooking up with Hospital Drive is a good initiative and should improve traffic flow and access to the hospital. I understand this section will begin next summer. My understanding is there are currently 88 objections with the government over the proposed EA through Jackson Park. The Parkway plan was first conceptualized in 1948 and was rejected by the 1952 city council. The plan needs to be updated and the cost proposed to build the Parkway extension once debentured is likely significantly understated.

DONALD FRASER: No. Goes against all major trends in urban planning/design and transportation planning/design. Would strip the city of economic resources needed for programming, infrastructure, and maintenance – at a price tag of over $3000 per household. Other options are more effective for linking new areas of development to existing/future employment areas. Reduces the quality of life that we enjoy and attracts families and new employers to Peterborough.

KEITH RIEL: I voted against the Parkway because of the cost and this road would have none if any affect of the traffic issues in Ashburnham. We have roads and storm water management projects that need immediate attention and repair. The original consultants report to council in 2010 had us widening Parkhill Rd. West, widening Chemong Rd., reconfiguring the Fairburn St intersection and addressing the issue of green arrows at peak times of the day to move traffic faster. We were told if we did this we would be good for 20 years and we have spent tens of millions of the taxpayers money doing this all for it to be pushed to the side for the new plan for The Parkway.

PAUL TELEKI: I am disappointed with current council’s lack of: community engagement, environmental consideration, and assessment of alternatives to deal with traffic flow. The Parkway plan is an outdated route and the cost (and maintenance) of the bridge alone would earmark funds that are necessary for existing street and infrastructure repair. The Parkway will not deal with our unemployment issues, will not attract tourism to the area, and will not solve traffic issues. It begs the question whether we are: developing our residential areas correctly, looking at better alternatives to address traffic flow (like: roundabouts and bike lanes) and finding alternative routes.

LEN VASS: Did not respond to survey by deadline. Voted in favour of the bridge and Parkway.

Ward 5- Northcrest

ANDREW BEAMER: Supportive. It is important that we build the Southern portion from Clonsilla to Sherbrooke as we need a continous road from Hwy 115 to the hospital. In the North end, we need to move traffic efficiently and redirect traffic from local streets and neighbourhoods. Too many drivers are using residential streets as short cuts in Northcrest Ward and people who live on these neighbourhood streets are concerned about safety. In addition, with the significant growth in Northcrest over the next 15 years, it is neccessary that we plan for additional road capacity.

KATHRYN (NATASHA) EYRE: Yes: Improved transportation will keep through/distance traffic off residential streets. I would like to see no commercial vehicles on residential streets before 7:00 am and after 9:00 – they can take major routes as much as possible.

DAVE HAACKE: If you live in Northcrest ward you understand the traffic issues, I am in favour of building the Parkway. Not as keen on the proposed bridge, would like to look at other possible alternatives other than Fairbairn.

BILL TEMPLEMAN: There are traffic problems in Northcrest, but the Parkway is not the solution. Let’s repair what we have, rather than spend extravagantly on a new megaproject.

STEPHEN WRIGHT: Let’s listen to what today’s urban planners are saying, and what the people of Peterborough have already said in a referendum. Parks, not parkways bring quality of life. Jackson Park is the envy of cities that made the mistakes of the past. There are newer, wiser solutions to traffic congestion such as widening existing streets, smart traffic lights and traffic circles.


The above information was taken word for word from the Peterborough Examiner:


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