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We are always happy to welcome new members to our team! If you would like to get involved, please send us an email at,  or message us on facebook (Sustainable Trent). 

Whether you want to engage in the struggle for a sustainable and just campus food system, hold Trent accountable to its reputation as a leader in environmental protection, stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities against pollution and destruction of their lands, or help plan awesome educational and action-oriented events around different environmental issues, Sustainable Trent is the organization for you.

Sustainable Trent is a volunteer-run organization, which means that all of us are involved because of our passion and interest in creating a sustainable and environmentally just campus and world. Being a member of Sustainable Trent is an excellent way to gain practical experience that is great for both ongoing activism and for professional development; you can learn a diverse range of skills including financial administration, event planning & logistics, meeting & workshop facilitation, media coordination, community outreach, and campaign strategy.

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We also provide our members with training and workshops in Anti-Oppression and Consensus Decision Making, which are foundational for accountable and non-hierarchal organizing and activist spaces.

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