Green Your Campus Competition


The Green Your Campus Competition is an opportunity for students to create and implement an on campus sustainability project. Up to $5000 funding available for qualifying projects!

Do you have an idea of how to make Trent’s campus more sustainable? Maybe you have handed in an assignment with an idea in a previous class, or maybe you thought of an idea on your own! We are hosting a competition for students to submit their ideas of projects that will actually be implemented on Trent campus! We want to enable you to see your ideas come to life.

Step One: If you are interested in submitting and being a part of this exciting competition please register by the February 29th. Email your NAME, YEAR, PROGRAM & PROJECT IDEA (max 250 words) to

Step Two: After you have registered with Green Team by Feb. 29th, you can start working on your poster! Step Two of the Green Your Campus Competition process is to create a poster, no larger than 4 ft by 3 ft. You (and your team) will present the poster at the Campus Sustainability Conference on March 12th, 2016 at Gzowski College, Trent University. Here, your project idea shall be evaluated by the judging committee. You will have the opportunity to answer questions in person and speak with the judges.

The poster should answer the following questions:

Who is involved in your project? (Team members)

What is your project idea? (A brief description of your project. This section should grab the judge’s attention)

How would your project contribute making our campus more sustainable?
● What part(s) of campus would be affected?
How would you measure the success of your project?
● What is the goal of your project?
● How will we know if it improves campus sustainability?
What is the timeline of your project? (How long will it take to be implemented, maintained etc)
What resources would be required?
● Budget (How will the money you are asking for be spent)
● Physical (supplies, infrastructure, etc.),
  • Labor (How will the project be implemented? hours, volunteers, consultants, etc.)
  • (Example: Will you be implementing the project yourself? Creating a paid summer student position? Working with Physical Resource Department to have them implement it?)


Who should I contact if I have questions?
The Trent Green Team:


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A volunteer-run student organization at Trent University that advocates and takes action for environmental justice and sustainability.

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