Other Green Initiatives


Are you hosting an event involving food or other sources of waste? Invite the Green Team volunteers to be your own Recycling Reps. We stand by resource recovery station (recycling, compost and garbage bins) and educate students on where to put their waste, and why it’s so important! Did you know Trent University has its own composting system? The compost is used to help all the things on our campus grow! This is why its especially important only accepted items get put in the compost bin.

The Green Team volunteers will explain this and many other important information about proper waste disposal, in a fun way! Email sustainabletrentu@gmail.com to get in contact with us.


Green Team volunteers were integral in the outreach strategy for the new Eco Tray program at Trent. We presented to over 150 student leaders, and then held smaller focus groups with on-residence students about the Eco Tray system. In 3 months since the launch of the program, there has been a 26% decrease in disposable take-out container use. We are very excited to have 1,500 Eco Trays in circulation with a steady annual increase until we are at full capacity, and Trent University is one step closer to closed-loop resource cycling!