Meeting Minutes

The following are the meeting minutes for Sustainable Trent’s 2019-2020 year. Certain information has been removed to protect the privacy of ST’s members.

March 2nd 2020 – Quick Meeting 

Facilitator:  Ashley

Members: Sam, Ashley, Dana, Eden, Brie, Kaitlyn, Rob, Jay

New Members: none

  1. Welcome, land acknowledgment, ice breaker (your favourite season)
    1. Oops/ouch policy  
    2. ST 101 for new members (any interest in working groups)
  2. Official Vote for supply run by Ashley – Total for supplies $221.23 and mileage @0.48cents per kilometre – went to Tyendinaga camps to drop off supplies 
    1. Rob motions to support, Brie seconds, 5 support, 2 abstain 
  3. Funding Request for Climate Anxiety Talk – see below for attached request
    1. Monthly theme updates?
    2. Potential to add facts or blurb on palm oil 
    3. Ashley motions to support, eden seconds, all in favour 
  4. Buttons from TCSA for Wet’suwet’en update 
    1. Funding was already approved, getting picked up tonight 
  5. Financial – Cheque for $1950 for Trent University Native Association Powwow payable to Trent University Native Association
  6. Any Update – Request for hotel subsidy from a student on WWF Designing Change for a Living Planet event on March 14th
    1. Kaitlyn and her three group members are hoping to get subsidized for the hotel cost, they will email us soon
    2. Ashley could drive them to Oshawa so that they can catch the train (her milage would need to be reimbursed) 
  7. Rescheduled meeting with Rob Monico in regards to SERTU conference funding request
    1. Ask in a group chat to reschedule 
  8. Tia’s request for reimbursement for artist’s shipping fees (a friend from Kingston sent art to me and she covered her fees) they were $34.66 → this is for RAVEN Trust event
    1. Ashley motions to reimburse, rob seconds, all in favour 
  9. Tar Sands Trial Fundraiser updates (march 13, 6-10pm)
    1. Set up and take down help please 
    2. Rob can help 
    3. $10 or pay what you can at the door
    4. ST can subsidize for 20 people?
      1. Offer to subsidize up to 20 @ 10$ each people, and if we don’t have 20 requests, we will donate the rest of that potential spending money ($200)
      2. Brie motions support, rob seconds, all in favour 
      3. Sam will send out email to general members to let them know this is available 
  10. Jacksons park working group updates – Rob
    1. Tuesday March 24th, BYO candles & flashlights, 1 hour walk, 8-10:30pm, speeches 
    2. Invite public, students, city councillors, TUNA, etc. 
    3. Theme: homelessness, the environment, the Parkway
    4. ST can help with social media coverage if they send us their material
    5. Possible hot drinks?
    6. Vote to reimburse them for $50 for candles
      1. Ashley motions, sam seconds, all in favour 
  11. Plugs for Upcoming Events 
    1. Student walkout plug – TUNA & TCSA – response to national callout – Wed. Mar. 4th – noon – meet at the Cabin in parking lot across the street 
      1. Rob will write an article about 
      2. Sam can probably take photos
      3. Ashley will be drumming 
  1. Paper Cup Free Week at Trent 
  2. Relay for life march 6/7
  3. Arrowhead with TOC
  4. OPIRG free market giveaway on March 28th
  5. Wed-Fri March 4-6th CNSC hearing for BWX nuclear pelleting issue in Holiday Inn – can watch online 
  6. Open Discussion
  7. Any updates from email voting funding that happened last week (cheques needed etc)

Feb. 24th 2020 Meeting Agenda and Minutes 

Facilitator: Ashley

Attendees: Sam, Rob, Brie

New Members: None

  1. Welcome, land acknowledgment, ice breaker (one thing you did over reading break)
    1. Oops/ouch policy  
    2. ST 101 for new members (any interest in working groups)
  2. Fleming Ecohealth Conference – table for next week since we don’t have enough people to vote today 
    1. Vote on $500 sponsorship donation 
    2. Volunteers needed for March 21st (start signup list) (Carly can drive and seat 7 others). 
  3. Rob Monico meeting on Feb. 27th 4pm in regards to SERTU conference request – who can attend?
  4. Carly and Sam can be there 
  1. Donations for Australia Fires Finalized – Ashley?
    1. ($1000 already voted upon)
    2.  ($1000 already voted upon)
  2. Request for hotel subsidy from a student on WWF Designing change for a Living Planet event on March 14th 
    1. Sam will email for more info on where, how much, etc.
  3. Idea for buttons made for Wet’suwet’en – need to contact TCSA
  4. Update on map idea that outlined water refill stations, safe spaces etc (Anna and Tia?) – tabled
  5.  Ashley – Funding requests – Mileage and donations for honorarium (Tar Sands Trail event)
  6.  Tyendinaga Discussion on how ST can help
    1. Ashley drove up (138km each way) – asking for $0.25 per litre 266kms =66.50
  7. Plugs for upcoming events
  • Levy council meeting – Feb. 26th 12-1pm – student event centre space 
  • Research Project Proposal – U Links – Sam
    • Rob likes the idea of finding out what the community needs/wants/values from our group 
  1. Open Discussion  
  • Cheques for Ontario Turtle Conservation Center ($500 already voted) and TUNA Powwow ($1950 already voted)

Sam will send out voting email to active members today:

  • $500 ecohealth conference support 
  • $200 for Wet’suwet’en stickers
  • $66.50 for Ashley’s trip to Tyendinaga (266km @.25)
  • $250 honorarium for Big Drum to come to Tar Sands Fundraiser event
  • $100 honorarium for Gary Pritchard to speak at the Tar Sands Fundraiser event 
  • $25 for prints of photography for Gary Pritchard to speak at the Tar Sands Fundraiser event 
  • $1000 Tyendinaga donation –

Feb 10th 2020

Facilitator: Carly 

Attendees: Sam, Ashley, Jazzmin, Brie, Dana, Rob, Eden

New Members: Kove

  1. Welcome, land acknowledgment, ice breaker (favorite restaurant in Peterborough)
    1. oops/ouch policy  
    2. ST 101 for new members (any interest in working groups)
  2. Green Pledge 
  3. Jackson Trail Walk 
  4. Climate Anxiety Support
  5. Vote on Honorarium and Mileage for driving speakers 

$750 honorarium Jazzmin motions, Sam seconds, all in favour 

Mileage 58cents/km  Jazzmin motions, Sam seconds, all in favour

  1. Battery Bake Sale and Clothing Swap
    1. Valentines Day update from Sam (media support and sitting with SO et al., if we wanna do the other stuff it will have to happen later (i need legit yes/no from ppl pls)
      1. LEC cabinet involvement – Sam to email
      2. Free trade chocolates, brochure sustainable date night idea, card making 

ST media coverage, no financial 

  1. Self Resource Fair – volunteers from 11:00 till about 3:30 pm 
  2.  Carly will bring wood, banner, stickers, tapestry, business card, Sam, Ashley 
  1. Meeting with SERTU/ Rob – Feb. 27th @  4 pm – anyone available
    1. Sam will respond to email, Carly quick update 
    2. Meeting with students from SERTU to consult about concerns 
  2. 2020 Pow Wow funding request from Trent University Native Initiative – $8700

Cover drum/co-host drummer, and elder cost. =$1950 

ashley motions jazz seconds – sam to email

 Future years cover costs for more drummers

  1. Financial matters – any cheques that need to be signed, update 
  2.  Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre – donations or volunteers

$500 Jazzmin proposes, Ashley seconds, all in favour 

  1. Mauna Kea fundraiser and donations

Talking to classes about, email out petition form. Print out and collect and bring it out back to ST to organize.  TUNA emailed both documents. 

  1. Plugs for any upcoming events 
    1. Levy groups workshop day – tentatively April 4th – networking, learning experience 
    2. Trent Outdoors skate drive – athletic center advertise 
    3. Provincial job postings are open 
  2. Open Discussion 

— Donating to Australia — Tabled for after reading break

— Jazzmin offer introduction to indigenous teachings for ST members, open conversation  (Feb 13 or Feb 14, time to be determined) 

Feb 3rd 2020

Facilitator: Sam

Attendees: Sam, Kaitlyn, Rob, Anna, Dana

New Members: Brie 

  1. Welcome, land acknowledgment, ice breaker (favorite campground)
    1. oops/ouch policy  
    2. ST 101 for new members
  2. Vote on finalized white t-shirt numbers and sizes (Anna with proposed amount)
    1. 10S, 10M, 8L, 2 xL
    2. 30 white t-shirts = $750
    3. Need someone to pick up the shirts from the place on Lansdowne
    4. Need to post links to resources explaining medicine wheel, teachings, cultural appreciation vs appropriation, etc 
      1. ST postcard of ST politics and values (ex. Medicine wheel) 
    5. Rob motion on condition that we provide opportunity to receive teachings about the wheel represents and our responsibility to it, Dana seconds motion, all in favour 
  3. Updates from meeting with Rob Monico? Proposed budget for Quebec Conference concerns – tabled because we need to meet with him 
  4. Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre funding proposal (Eden) – tabled for next week because Eden isn’t here 
  5. Finances – Paypal account and any other concerns – Anna
    1. Financial security and audit issues 
    2. This means that in situations like donating to the Wet’suwet’en issue, a core or active member would donate via e-transfer and then get immediately reimbursed 
  6. Donate previously voted $2000 to Australia fires (through paypal?) tabled 
    1. Brie has some names of Indigenous groups we could donate to 
      1. Gofundme page – hard to track who it goes to
      2. Groups working towards revitalizing and teaching indigenous fire management practice – firesticks
        1. Fire prevention and managing to prevent future tragedies 
  7. Fleming EcoHealth Conference March 21st 2020

I. any interest in volunteering? Examples would be:

Setup (Regular, Workshop, Exhibits, Vendors)

Registration – Assisting at front desk

Parking Directors

Workshop – Note takers

Silent Auction – Assisting at the tables 

Floater – Hall monitor to give directions

E-mazing Race (duties still to be confirmed)

Reception Setup

Take Down (Regular, Workshops, Exhibits, Vendors)

II. any interest in sponsorship?

Please see the screenshot below of different levels of sponsorships and what they entail. 

  • Interested in sponsoring $500 
  • Recognition would be good for upping website traffic 
  • Interested in sponsoring ~5-10 students (need to look at admission prices transport depending on location)
    • Equal opportunity for all students 
  1. BRIEF – Interest in working groups. Any new members inquiring about getting hand ons with ST.

Green Pledge 

Jackson Trail Walk

Climate Anxiety Support

Battery Bake Sale and Clothing Swap

  • Sustainability Office and Community Learning Program already tablign with cards, chocolate, bake sale, and conversations 

Self Resource Fair (can you add carly, she can  volunteer her time on the 13th)

TUNA fundraiser (can you add carly, she can volunteer that day)

  1. Plugs for any upcoming events and summary of how this weekend’s events went. 
  2. Open Table for Discussion 
    1. SERTU’s lack of consultation with Indigenous communities needs to be addressed
      1. We will send a compliment sandwich email, feedback, send resources, invite them to talk with ST

Jan 27th 2020

Facilitator: Sam

Attendees: Sam, Kaitlyn, Rob, Anna, Dana

New Members: Brie 

  1. Welcome, land acknowledgment, ice breaker (favorite campground)
    1. oops/ouch policy  
    2. ST 101 for new members
  2. Vote on finalized white t-shirt numbers and sizes (Anna with proposed amount)
    1. 10S, 10M, 8L, 2 xL
    2. 30 white t-shirts = $750
    3. Need someone to pick up the shirts from the place on Lansdowne
    4. Need to post links to resources explaining medicine wheel, teachings, cultural appreciation vs appropriation, etc 
      1. ST postcard of ST politics and values (ex. Medicine wheel) 
    5. Rob motion on condition that we provide opportunity to receive teachings about the wheel represents and our responsibility to it, Dana seconds motion, all in favour 
  3. Updates from meeting with Rob Monico? Proposed budget for Quebec Conference concerns – tabled because we need to meet with him 
  4. Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre funding proposal (Eden) – tabled for next week because Eden isn’t here 
  5. Finances – Paypal account and any other concerns – Anna
    1. Financial security and audit issues 
    2. This means that in situations like donating to the Wet’suwet’en issue, a core or active member would donate via e-transfer and then get immediately reimbursed 
  6. Donate previously voted $2000 to Australia fires (through paypal?) tabled 
    1. Brie has some names of Indigenous groups we could donate to 
      1. Gofundme page – hard to track who it goes to
      2. Groups working towards revitalizing and teaching indigenous fire management practice – firesticks
        1. Fire prevention and managing to prevent future tragedies 
  7. Fleming EcoHealth Conference March 21st 2020

I. any interest in volunteering? Examples would be:

Setup (Regular, Workshop, Exhibits, Vendors)

Registration – Assisting at front desk

Parking Directors

Workshop – Note takers

Silent Auction – Assisting at the tables 

Floater – Hall monitor to give directions

E-mazing Race (duties still to be confirmed)

Reception Setup

Take Down (Regular, Workshops, Exhibits, Vendors)

II. any interest in sponsorship?

Please see the screenshot below of different levels of sponsorships and what they entail. 

  • Interested in sponsoring $500 
  • Recognition would be good for upping website traffic 
  • Interested in sponsoring ~5-10 students (need to look at admission prices transport depending on location)
    • Equal opportunity for all students 
  1. BRIEF – Interest in working groups. Any new members inquiring about getting hand ons with ST.

Green Pledge 

Jackson Trail Walk

Climate Anxiety Support

Battery Bake Sale and Clothing Swap

  • Sustainability Office and Community Learning Program already tablign with cards, chocolate, bake sale, and conversations 

Self Resource Fair (can you add carly, she can  volunteer her time on the 13th)

TUNA fundraiser (can you add carly, she can volunteer that day)

  1. Plugs for any upcoming events and summary of how this weekend’s events went. 
  2. Open Table for Discussion 
    1. SERTU’s lack of consultation with Indigenous communities needs to be addressed
      1. We will send a compliment sandwich email, feedback, send resources, invite them to talk with ST

Jan. 27th Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Facilitator: Sam & Ashley 

Attendees: Rob, Jazz, Ashley, Sam, Dana, Eden, Kaitlyn

New Members: Jehan (Jay) & Maike

  1. Welcome, land acknowledgment, ice breaker (favorite superhero)
    1. oops/ouch policy  
    2. ST 101 for new members
  2.       Vote on  Australian Fire donations 
    1. Donation to Indigenous people ($1500 to Indigenous women’s fire fighting team – Lakes Tyers Aboriginal Trust Country Fire Authority) 
      1. Very difficult to find contact info? Still proposed?
    2. Donate to zoos ($1000) 
      1. Ashley Motions – Zoo Victoria 
      2. Jazz seconds
      3. All in favor, no opposed or abstained
    3. Donate to NSW RFS fire fighting crews ($1000) 
      1. Ashley Motions
      2. Sam supports
      3. All in favor, no opposed or abstained
  3. Vote on finalized white t-shirt numbers and sizes (Anna with proposed amount)
    1. Tabled for next week
  4. Vote on paying Anna back $113.00 for 1000 stickers 
    1. Ashley motions
    2. Dana seconds
    3. All in favor, no opposed or abstained
  5. Vote on Rob Monico proposal for $3000 of formal funding request from SER-TU for Quebec Conference. (Email in the inbox with a rundown of all costs)
    1. Important opportunity
    2. Email back to suggest having a Curve Lake or Hiawatha representative (or at least someone from this territory) present at the conference to talk about the significance of the landscape (inclusivity) 
    3. Have they looked into air B&B’s? – sustainability and cost 
    4. Sam will draft email 
  6. Vote on subsiding costs for tickets for being salmon being human event this weekend. – Ashley – Proposed amount?
    1. Converting wild salmon into a commodity strips them of their value, navigating what it means to be human in this sort of situation, live performance 
    2. Usually community members go, less students 
    3. Pay what you can ($20 goal)
    4. Provide $10 per person, for up to 10 people
    5. Jazz motions, Dana seconds, all in favour 
  1. ST table with Mauna Kea in student centre (book table/volunteers)
    1. Need to establish working group to figure it all out 
      1. We have stickers and material, need people to table 
        1. Kaitlyn, Rob, Jazz, Sam, Eden, Ashley, Maike
        2. Petition form needs to be sent out in minutes to share among classes
  2. Establish Working Groups for these events:

****For timesake please discuss ideas of these events between the working group chats that can be created after this meeting****

  1. Green Pledge (Leader – Rob)
    1. Pledge that graduates used to do, promising to take action to be more environmentally sustainable, symbolic gesture to maintaining a commitment to sustainability 
    2. Stopped doing it because can no longer have pins on graduation gowns
    3. Option to have pins at a table so you can put it on your own clothes
    4. Jazz and Sam may be able to help
  2. Jackson Trail Walk (Leader – Rob)
    1. We did an event a few years ago to protest parkway development, lantern walk, Jackson park trail, March
    2. Solidarity with the homeless population in Peterborough
    3. Kait can help, Jazz is a maybe 
  3. Climate Anxiety Support (Leader – Tia)
    1. Open space for students
    2. One near the end of the semester 
    3. Partner with Peer Support
    4. Tia, Anna, Ashley, Jazz, Maike, Dana, Sam
      1. Group chat
  4. Battery Bake Sale and Clothing Swap (Leader – ?)
    1. Sam, Ashley, Dana, Rob, Eden, Jay
    2. Jazz wants to start up a clothing swap, biweekly, stall, stock
      1. Maike has input from work at Laurentian
      2. OPIRG free-market connection/partnership, pop-ups at school and in the community 
  5. Self Resource Fair (Leader – Ashley?) 
    1. 250 terrariums
    2. Need volunteers
      1. Jay, Dana, Ashley
      2. 10-4pm (ish), whenever you can helps
  6. TUNA fundraiser (Leader – ?)
    1. Beaver Lake Cree legal battle with tar sands situation
    2. Art auction and performance, dinner night (ST funded meal)
    3. March 13th
    4. Need volunteers
      1. Ashley, jazz, jess,anna, 
  7. Survey for members and all Trent students (Leader – ?)

    9. Plugs

    1. for Kawartha Food Share Drive Feb. 4th (share one social media)
    2. 13th Annual Trent Community Movements Conference Jan 31st and Feb 1st
    3. TOC & LEC winter carnival Jan 31 – Feb 2 
    4. Saturday solidarity movement in wet’suwet’en (northern BC, unceded territory, coastal gas link pipeline goes through it, risk to entire ecosystems and all of its people, RCMP deny indigenous people and activists access to land, people are getting hurt, peaceful protests met with arrests/violence/rape towards activists and youth)
      1. $100 for Ashley to print posters to support
        1. Rob motion, Eden second, all in favour 
    5. OPIRG AGM with smudge workshop before, Friday at 6pm, free food 

     10. Open table for discussion (new members)

    Talk about OTCC next time – Eden will reach out about possible funding for farm on Television road. 

    Jan 20th Meeting Minutes and Agenda 

    Facilitator: Sam 

    Attendees: Tia, Sam, Rob, Jess, Ashley, Dana, Anna, Eden, Justin, Jazzmin 

    1. Welcome, land acknowledgment, ice breaker (favourite winter activity -inside/outside)
      1. oops/ouch policy 
    2. Guest speakers – 15 min – dependant on arrival 
      1. Jess W- Introductions (Peer Support), pickup cheque for terrariums
        1. Self-care resource fair = making self care free, not making self-care commodified 
          1. Eco-conscious and sustainable in our practices 
          2. Appreciate the financial support and our presence there at the fair 
          3. Working towards indigenizing and diversifying the way we talk about self care
        2. Ashley-who can volunteer the day of the self-care resource fair?
        3. Volunteer times: Thurs Feb 13 event 12-3pm (breakfast and set up 10am-12pm) in the student centre event space 
        4. Peer Support will send us an invoice 
        5. Anna and Eden will share poster on social media 
        6. Can send Jess follow-up question about purchase
        7. Many plants will come from Ptbo Landscape 
          1. 250 plants, most potting material and plants are coming from Peterborough Landscapes, some plants might have to come from TO or Bowmanville 
        8. Eden will send Jess names of greenhouses in Bowmanville 
        9. Dana, Rob and Eden are available to volunteer
        10. Jazz will ask Dawn if FPHL needs help at fair
          1. Hoping to indigenize self care
        11. Trent International and Study Abroad invited to show ways that self-care varies with culture and ethnic background 
      2. Jess F. – TUNA initiative (Ashley will present on her behalf)
        1. Partnership – fundraiser for Raven Trust (NGO, non-profit)  in support of legal defence case with tar sands trial with Beaver Lake Cree nation (tar sands are the largest industrial project on earth, destroying ecosystems that wildlife and people rely on) – human rights and climate change, enviro justice for all
        2. Budget prepared and sent – meal for ~100 people, estimate ~$2500
          1. Rob motion to support, Dana seconds, all in support 
          2. Going directly to Jodi Hogarth, the catering of the event, from Curve Lake
        3. Provides legal aid for First Nations facing environmental issues 
        5. Event: Friday, March 13th, 2020 at 6pm? in Great Hall (not booked yet), art auction, dinner, performance 
        6. Want to reach out to TVANT and other art groups on campus
        7. Help via bodies at the event, media coverage 
        8. Inviting everyone at Trent and Peterborough community 
        9. Rob will talk to OPIRG, Jazz will talk to TRACKS
        10. TTP, Sustainable Peterborough, friendship centre, library, alison scholl, fleming college 
        11. Need people for making and posting posters 
        12. Anna, Eden, and Sam (maybe?) can do photography at event 
        13. Working group / sub-meeting to discuss this all more in depth 
        14. Rob might do an article for the Arthur 
    3.       Volunteers to help create a map of all bottle refill stations on campus
      1. Tia can GIS out map for us, Anna can do photoshop
        1. Separate meeting needed for that
      2. Add sustainability features: Deep Diversion Stations, Seasoned Spoon, compost stations, Free Market bins, culturally safe spaces 
        1. Two seperate maps: eco and culture/social
    4.       Reframe Film Festival – invitations for 2 to attend 
      1. Sam will email Reframe about changing our contact to just “Sustainable Trent”
      2. Thursday, January 23rd 2020 = opening night party 
      3. Anna, Ashley, and Jess will see about going 
        1. Anna will email about getting a third ticket 
    5.       Any Follow up on Australian Fire donations 
      1. Donation to Indigenous people ($1500 to Indigenous womens fire fighting team – Lakes Tyers Aboriginal Trust Country Fire Authority) 
        1. Very difficult to find contact info
      2. Donate to zoos/sanctuaries/shelters ($1000) 
        1. Zoos Victoria, 100% of donations go to the bushfires 
      3. Donate to NSW RFS fire fighting crews ($1000) 
    6.       Any Follow up on Wet’suwet’en donation
      1. Unist’ot’en website has direct paypal account to send money to 
        1. We can also e-transfer and then reimburse (Ashley $1000, Anna $1000)
        2. Money goes straight to Freda (spokesperson) and she distributes
        3. Tia motion, Ashley seconds, all in favour for $2000 to Wet’suwet’en
    7. Jazz brought tobacco grown in community, shredded in community
      1. Need fabric will use old t-shirts as tobacco ties
      2. Sewing machines!!
      3. Anna motion to pay Jazz back for $40, Rob seconds, all in favour
    8. Plug – Community Movement Conference, East vs West bank game on Friday, Bon Temps with Champlain and Trent Outdoors  
    9. Jazz is offering to host information sessions and basic teachings for members of ST to make sure our members would have a good idea 
      1. Biweekly conversations
      2. Increase comfortability with topics in Indigenous
      3. Time and place will be very flexible until Jazz’s schedule is more solidified  
    10. Eden suggested that we look into donating to the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre (OTCC) – she will reach out to them 
    11. Rob can bring info for Future Majority at next meeting 

    January 13th 2020 Meeting Minutes and Agenda

    Facilitator: Sam

    Attendees: Rob, Ashley, Jazz, Anna, Dana, Eden

    1. Welcome back, land acknowledgement, ice breaker (course you’re most excited for this semester)
    2. Introduction to ST for new members 
      1. No new members
    3. Proposed Budget overview
      1. Tabled for next week 
    4. Clubs and Groups Day 

    I. Attendance (coverage for entire time)

    • Anna 9:30 -?
    • Tia 10:30 – 3:30
    • Eden 10 – 1:30 
    • Rob/Dana teardown 

    II. sticker levels 

    1. Sustainable Valentine’s Day event (sustainable practices around this holiday) — any interest to collaborate with Sustainability office and Trent Oxfam 
      1. Battery drive bake sale (trade dead batteries for baked goods)
      2. Sam will email Samm 
    2. Ashley – Update on current events, etc. (around 10 – 15 minutes)
      1. Distributed cheques
      2. Funding request from TUNA – no budget attached yet, Sam will send out request for one  – ST members interested in supporting the event. Tabled for when we get the budget 
      3. Vote to reimburse Ashley for 500 Mauna Kea stickers – $56.50 – Rob motion, Anna second, all in favour 
      4. Vote to get new ST stickers – regular stickers from Trent Print Shop – 1000 stickers, $120 – Eden motion, Dana second, all in favour 
      5. Change Ashleys title to Community Engagement Coordinator – Sam motion, Anna second, all in favour 
      6. Vote on $2000 match donation to Wet’suwet’en
        1. Jazz will research where the money exactly is going and determine the best way to donate to ensure about 
          1. find out who is getting the money and how (like mail and such is not being delivered because it gets destroyed before reaching recipients) – will vote next week
        2. Donating to Wet’suwet’en troubles with RCMP and colonialism – Unist’ot’en camp or Gidimt’en Yintah access? 
    3. ** Rob suggested that we recap on the items we voted on via online forums **
    4. Self Care Resource Fair – Ashley met with Jess and Carl from Peer support
      1. Feb. 13th, 12pm-3pm, student centre 
        1. Meet ashley at 11 to set up
        2. Need volunteers for tabling at x2 ST tables (plant workshop table and regular table)
        3. Need volunteers for take down afterwards 
      2. Terrarium Budget Self Care Resource Fair 
    1. 250 plants and other materials = $1500
    2. Previously wanted 500 plants??
    3. Anna motioned to support $1650, Sam second, all in favour 
    4. $70 for business cards (ST promo plus succulent & self care info) – Jazz motion, Sam second, all in favour 
    1. Vote on amount of donations towards Australia Fires 
      1. Donation to Indiginous people ($1500 to Indigenous womens fire fighting team – Lakes Tyers Aboriginal Trust Country Fire Authority) – Sam will contact Brie for info and contacts – Jazz will do research 
      2. Donate to zoos/sanctuaries/shelters ($1000) – Eden will find specific group so we can vote 
      3. Donate to NSW RFS fire fighting crews ($1000) – find specific organizations so that we can vote next week 
    2. Sam – Community Movement Conference – tabled 
    3. Robert – Green Pledge and Green Up vandalization – tabled for next week 
    4. Reframe Film Festival – invited for 2 attendees – any more interest? – tabled 
    5. ST Event – Climate Anxiety – briefly discuss other meeting times for those that are interested in organizing 
      1. Create online working group, meeting once a month
      2. Anna will send out email to get group going 
    6. $10 Anna printing things for our OC board – Ashley motion, Eden second 

    November 27th Meeting Agenda and Minutes

    Facilitator: Carly

    Attendees: Tia, Sam, Eden, Anna, Dana, Kaitlin, Kira,Hannah, Connor

    1. Welcome, land acknowledgement, ice breaker (favourite study snack)
    2. Introduction to ST
    3. Levy Group meeting important notes (Tia)
    1. Cancelled from last week 
    2. Anyone Available? No one able to. 
    1. SCI update — Student association and levy group can request who has opted out of fee for election and annual general meeting purposes. 
    2. Ryan Sission email — (Sam)
    3. Career Space — field placement –launching next week. Political placement through our club

    I. not viable option 

    II. Sam email back to regretfully decline. 

    1. Peter Stewart email — Flip the Script event Jan. 20th 11-2 — 15 min violence testimonial
    2. Any interest? Max. 8 people. 

    I. people interested will email ST to receive more information 

    1. Nuclear pellets issue email — invitation for information night Dec 3rd 2019
    1. At Prince of Wales school
    2. Who is able to attend?
    3. Share on social media-Sam will forward to Anna and Eden
    4. Vote on funding for ReFrame film festival Jan 23 – 26 2020  
    1. costs $2000 per film — asking minimum of $25 (due dec. 9)
    2. Which movies do we want to choose or just general donation?

    I. general donation $1500 in previous years. Pick a few movies, potentially have social before/after for climate anxiety support

    ii.Provide monetary support for students that want to go

    Iii. Sam to motion, dana seconded for $1500, all in favour

    1. Vote on donation for Trent Oxfam’s Sustainable Soiree 
    • $20 donation to YES on Oxfam’s behalf 
    • Tia motioned, Anna seconded, all in favour
    1.  Self Care Resource Fair succulent station 
      1. Budget
      2. Stickers vs Business Cards
        1. Option: print 100 or 250 business cards (account for people denying them) & 1000 stickers (stickers never expire)
        2. Vistaprint now offers “natural finish” business cards made from 100% recycled materials! 
    1. Vote on printing stickers (500? 1000?)  (from Nov 20th)
      1. Do we go through the Trent Print Shop or somewhere cheaper? 

    Find other cheaper local option

    1. Rob Monico meeting for Fleming Conference (Sam)
    1. Help plan or donate 
    2. Biweekly meetings on Tuesday frost campus, lindsay
    3. Input on workshops provided (marketing/promoting, logistics/operations, workshops/speakers and fundraising)
    4. SERTU students – RE conference funding $50-100– Sam requests more information
    1. Climate Strike on Friday Nov 29th

    Tia will send information to Carly and Eden

          12. Open table for remaining time 

    1. Vote anna for 45.44 on wooden logo

    Tia motioned sam seconded all in favour

    Voted to reimburse Tia for 95.85

    November 20th Meeting Agenda and Minutes

    Facilitator: Tia

    Attendees: Eden, Sam, Carly

    1. Welcome, land acknowledgement, ice breaker (if you were a weather event)
    2. Continued from Nov 13th:
      1. Money from Conference
        1. Still waiting to hear from Alyssa Sgro about Kawartha Credit Union
    3. Conference at Fleming
      1. Sam will reach out to Rob Munico about partnering on conference
      2. Some interest in being the point person for that
    4. Donating to university-led sustainability initiatives and being a stakeholder
      1. Should Tia reach out to Shelley Strain?
    5. Trent Oxfam’s Sustainable Soriee on November 24th at 6-9pm 
      1. Are we interested in tabling?
      2. Tickets are $10 and all proceeds go to the YES shelter
      3. We could also sponsor 
      4. No one is available, we will discuss donating instead, Tia to email Oxfam
    6. Request for funding, $29.14, from Samm Medeiros from Sustainability Office
      1. To cover tea from Spoon from WRW
      2. Emailed invoice from Spoon, but not budget from whole event
    7. Vote on printing out a table top ST logo onto wood
      1. Uses: ST branding, events where you can’t use the tapestry or have multiple tables, can keep it up in the kwic room, paper weight for outdoor tabling
      2. $40 
    8. Vote on Self Care Resource Fair succulent station
      1. Budget
      2. Stickers vs Business Cards
        1. Option: print 100 or 250 business cards (account for people denying them) & 1000 stickers (stickers never expire)
        2. Vistaprint now offers “natural finish” business cards made from 100% recycled materials! 
    9. Vote on printing stickers (500? 1000?)
      1. Do we go through the Trent Print Shop or somewhere cheaper? 
    10. Mauna Kea is in the works and Ashley has sent on info from last week to TUNA
    11. Open table
      1. Schedule 15-20 minutes for hearing from active members
        1. Positive film documentation for uplifting 
        2. Positive climate movie night
        3. Could be on in the background of the support groups
        4. Starting conversations with people on how they help 
      2. Instagram is interactive
        1. Send in positive things about the environment, people can respond to what they have done in the week, will give shoutouts
        2. Memes, funny ones
      3. Instead of having events coordinator, just have working groups as per event basis
      4. Working group per climate change support group
    12. Vote on food for last semester meeting?
      1. Yes, tia will send out voting things
    13. Levy Council meeting is tomorrow
    14. SAFSS asked if we are interested in partnering for a maple sugar harvesting event, they have all equipment, would be mid-March, are we interested in it? More info to come if we are
      1. YAAS
      2. TOC would be interested in partnering
    15. Carly will be our Secretary! 
      1. Tia to share examples of newsletters with her

    November 13th Meeting Minutes and Agenda

    Facilitator: Anna

    Attendees: Connor, Dana, Rob, Carly, Sam, Tia, Jenna, Julie

    1. Land acknowledgement
    2. Ice Breaker 
      1. Which cards against humanity card would you be? (you can make one up) OR what bug would you be? 
    3. Opt-in Challenge update 
      1. It has gone live!
      2. Can pick up cards at Sadlier House 
    4. Climate Anxiety and Sustainable Trent 
      1. Monthly peer support group starting in January 2020
        1. Partnering with Peer Support and Active Minds and TOC
        2. Ashley will reach out to these groups 
          1. Tia will check with Ashley
        3. Find out who’s interested and wants to help take this on as a commitment so we can schedule a time around our schedules
        4. Have this ready to go for January
        5. What we need: 
          1. Room booked (something more private than kwic rsrc centre)+ risk assessment
          2. Food
          3. Print and post posters
          4. Possible have some meetings more physically engaging, like painting reusable tote bags while discussing climate anxiety 
        6. Free resources online with Good Grief
        7. Could talk to Samm about ideas from Upcycle Collective: easy, accessible DIY things to make 
        8. Could have multiple things available
        9. Will take some time to build momentum
        10. Tiny Greens succulent workshop
        11. Advertise as an activity to drive activities 
      2. Self Care Resource Fair
        1. Donate enough for 500 succulents 
        2. This could encourage ppl to pay our levy fees the next year
        3. Give back to students, put our huge funds back to school, entire student body
        4. Putting our logo on the succulents
          1. Vitsaprint business cards with care instructions
          2. Need little stakes
          3. Or could hand out stickers
          4. OR both
        5. $1500-$1700
          1. If we have left over ones, we can hand them out to students 
        6. This provides us with our own table as well as the succulent event.
          1. Open to ideas for what to do with this table!
            1. Could be an opportunity for educational event like we discussed at the beginning of the semester with posters
            2. Could have posters with info
            3. Printed infographics
            4. Posters to support the climate anxiety support group sessions
        7. Ask ashley:
          1. Does the $1700 cover materials or just plants
          2. How much will materials cost if not?
          3. We will have to vote on it for next week
        8. Vote to figure out business cards vs stickers vs both (next week: come with prices and where we’d order these from) 
      3. Does anyone else have ideas on tackling Climate Anxiety in Trent Students?
        1. Making a group on responding to legislation and enviro registry notices
        2. Helps to know you are doing your part
        3. Discussion board online? Private Facebook group?
        4. YLS students would be good to reach out to
      4. Climate anxiety is ongoing campaign 
        1. Need to have clear scope
        2. Step one is conversation 
        3. ST releasing a statement? Research is needed
    5. Mauna Kea Update
      1. Vote for $100 to pay Caeleigh Long to design a logo (support Indigenous artist)
      2. $15/hour max $100
      3. TUNA asked Caeleigh
      4. Condition: the logo needs to be done by a certain point to avoid procrastination, professionalism, can give artist full $100, doesn’t need to be hourly time.
      5. would there be a consequence to missing?
        1. Then ask for an update on that date: If haven’t started, ask for new artist, if she is almost done than we can extend deadline
        2. Carly motioned, Anna seconded, all in favour, Tia abstained because of conflict
      6. Want to get the ball rolling, so want logo sooner
      7. More updates next week
    6. Remind new members to think about next semester initiatives
    7. Thank you meeting with snacks/food and make thank you cards for our supporters?

    November 6th Meeting Minutes and Agenda

    Facilitator: Tia

    Attendees: Dana, Anna, Tia, Sam, Ashley, Jessica

    1. Land acknowledgement
    2. Icebreaker: if you were a vegetable what vegetable would you be and why
    3. Mauna Kea: Jessica and Ashley (15 minutes)
      1. Petition by TUNA, TUNA led, ST support with labour and monetary fund
      2. Next semester: could do a fundraiser for the Raven’s Trust, a legal fund for First Nations facing court battles
        1. Collaboration
      3. Would be good to address the department? How much has the university supported? Might not be a lot 
      4. We could generate enough bad press
      5. ACURA—> might just be a member? Could be a few $100
      6. We need to reach out Astronomy department to ask about contribution 
      7. The letter should be written to the Astronomy Department
      8. Once the letter is written, send to Anna so she can add appropriate headers and logos before it is made public
    4. Alyssa Sgro
      1. Sustainability Conference and competition
        1. Speakers, workshops, students submitted proposals 
        2. Gathered enough money to make event 
        3. Take ideas and make campus more sustainable
        4. Conference now runs at Frost Campus with EcoHealth program, competition now run at Fleming College
          1. Ecosystem management class now runs the conference
          2. ST could become key sponsor
          3. We would have input in workshops, we have influence
          4. Need a point person to take on this organization
        5. The money is at Kawartha Credit Union
        6. There is a dropbox with a bunch of files
        7. Need two signing authorities to transfer account
        8. Tia will ask Se her opinion
        9. More money!
      2. Previous events
        1. Bioblitzes for data for wetland, Tom Whillans
        2. Green Team was a working group of ST and worked with the Sustainability Office
        3. Working groups for each event
        4. Not an executive team either
      3. Fleming looking for collaboration with ST—> reach out to Rob Monico:
      4. Shelley Strain—> ask about funding large projects so ST can be a stakeholder in planning decisions at Trent
    5. Voting
      1. 15% of levy fee due to KWIC because of MOU
        1. See Se’s email invoice
        2. $1133.78
        3. Tia motioned, Anna seconded, all in favour
      2. Website fee
        1. Anna’s email
        2. Buy a visa credit card so that we don’t have put our credit cards on the auto-renewal 
        3. Voted via Facebook messenger
          1. Anna motioned to spend $75+tax+activation fee=$81.72 on visa credit card, Ashley seconded, all voted in favour

    Upcoming Events

    • Panel about Williams Treaty tonight at 7pm
    • Biidabhin: First Light, drop-in times are various, we have two reserved spots on Saturday, all are in Nozhem
      • Keynote Thursday at 7pm
    • Waste Reduction Week
      • We are helping to host clean-up on Friday at 11am of drumlin

    October 30th Meeting Agenda and Minutes

    Facilitator: Tia

    Attendees: Anna, Kaitlyn, Dana, Carly, Carly, Sam, Connor, Rob, Madison, Eden

    Active Members: Dana, Kaitlyn, Eden, Rob, Carly H, Connor

    1. Land acknowledgement/discussion
      1. Important to have education opportunities
      2. What should settlers’ know? 
      3. Social blitz about Indigenous education
      4. From indg POVs
      5. Share resources with START
        1. Tia to reach out
    2. Ice breaker
    3. Inventory while we discuss
    4. New Core Member!
    5. Follow-up from DSF event
      1. Thank you cards, would anyone like to help?
    6. Voting
      1. Approved mileage and sponsorship via email
      2. Cheques
        1. Rob motions to buy new cheques for $210 after tax
        2. Carly H seconds that
        3. Motion to buy new cheques passes 8 supporters 
      3. WRW waste clean-up coffee and tea, SAFSS and TOC can split costs
        1. Voting to spend $25 on tea (2) and coffee (1). We will be writing a cheque for $75 and getting a cheque for $25 from TOC and SAFSS
          1. Carly H motions to spend this
          2. Dana seconds the motion 
          3. Passes with 7 supporters
    7. Waste Clean-Up with SAFSS and TOC now November 8th at 11am
      1. SAFSS has table
      2. Tia to contact Greens about extra bags
    8. Leaf Program
      1. Sam reached out to levy groups for edit suggestions
    9. Opt-in Program with Levy Groups
      1. Visit our meetings in KWIC at 6pm on Wednesdays
      2. Follow our Facebook and Instagram at @sustainabletrent
    10. Upcoming events
      1. WRW
      2. Biidaaban → trailer 
      3. Elder’s Gathering this weekend
        1. Need to register
      4. 10th anniversary of IESS and 50th anniversary of INDG
      5. Pine Tree Talk (right after this at 7pm) on Genocide
    11. Next week
      1. Thank you cards done for DSF events
      2. Mauna Kea open letter

    October 17th Meeting Agenda and Minutes

    Facilitator: Tia

    Attendees: Samm, Carly and Dana

    1. Land acknowledgement
    2. Voting Procedures
      1. Carly and Eden are now active members
      2. Cannot vote today because enough
      3. Tia will send out constitution with meeting minutes
      4. Motioning and consensus

    The way that voting works as a reminder: 

    1) an issue or matter is brought forward

    2) someone motions a possible solution or action

    3) someone seconds that motion

    4) discussion about the motion and pros/cons

    5) the first person to motion then will ask the group for their vote and people can vote yes, no or abstain

    6) to vote, we need at least 5 people to vote (this is called quorum); for the motion to pass, at least 80% of voters must agree

    7) if there is not agreement, can cycle back to step 1 or 3

    1. Voting!
      1. Mileage reimbursement
      2. Buying more cheques!
      3. Will have to do this online and send out an email to active members
    2. Waste Week→ Samm Medeiros
      1. SERTU→ vermi-composting workshop (Wednesday evening)
      2. OPRIG→ free market pop-up (Wednesday)
      3. SAFS and maybe us and maybe TOS will be doing a waste pick-up
      4. Nicole→ Circular Economy 101 on Nov 7th at 1pm-3pm in LEC Pit, catered tea by Seasoned Spoon
      5. SO→ recycling facility tour? No can’t because of ownership overall; could be an alternative tour of wastewater facility?
      6. SO→ Green Meme Tank or Dank Meme Tank, Fri., Nov. 8th; could provide nachos at the Celie; Samm will reach out to TVANT, TWS, TBC, Tia will follow-up with them
        1. People are down to have safe space to joke about serious matters
        2. Healing through the climate anxiety
        3. Connects well with the students
        4. Trent Memer page made on instagram
          1. Ask them to collab
        5. Samm will coordinate space booking and risk assessment
      7. What can we do?
        1. Garbage clean-up on Monday, November 4th
          1. Organize one to be downtown, meet up at Bata then move downtown
          2. Tia will ask Trent Green Party to collab and share resources (garbage bags, gloves)
          3. Monday afternoon, 3pm-5pm; meet at 2:30pm at Bata
          4. Do it around Traill College
    • Samm can connect with caretaking to have a pick-up spot or dump bags at Traill
    • Tia will do risk assessment
      1. Stuff swap→ not this week!
        1. Maybe later in November
        2. Samm wants to collab on this 
    1. Thank you for an awesome event last week
      1. Need to send out and post appreciation notes
    2. Twin-pad arena recommended by council for relocation!!
      1. Email city council for our support
    3. Environmental Sustainability Living Learning Community outreach and partnership
      1. Anyone interested? Could be volunteer recruitment or a mini event collab
        1. Maybe collab on a sustainable gift wrapping 
      2. Maybe we email? Maybe we come to the Thursday drop-ins?
      3. What time are first year ERSC classes offer and not offer it during that time?
      4. Send volunteer opportunities directly to Melanie
    • Action Item!
      1. Petition against the 30m telescope in Mauna Kea, Hawaii
    • Tia will add Samm to general email list
    1. Ideas for social media blitz and OC board, acknowledging our whiteness, who feels welcome? How can we reach wider audiences? 
      1. Indigenous climate action
      2. Social media takeovers?
      3. Leaf program idea to engage with other more diverse group
        1. Rating system to incentivize other groups to be sustainable 
        2. Could take a few years to catch on
        3. Needs editing and suggestions
    • Sam will ask TCSA, SO (email Samm directly) and levy groups for feedback on leaf program

    October 9th 2019

    Facilitator: Anna

    Attendees: Tia, Eden, Mitch, Rob, Sam, Connor, Carly, Kaitlyn, Dana 

    1. Land Acknowledgement
    2. Introductions (name, pronouns, role, icebreaker)
      1. Icebreaker: what is your favourite plant
    3. Recap of last week for new members
    4. Discuss DSF event
      1. Floor plan 
      2. Tasks
      3. questions/comments/concerns
        1. 87 tickets “sold” on eventbrite as of 6pm, 200 interested on FB as of tuesday 
        2. Mostly young adult women 
      4. Concerns: lack of mic, dishes, speed of set up
        1. Does gideon know we don’t have mics→ yes
    5. Discuss mileage centage 

    41.76$ (36km there and back so 72km total @ 0.58$/km)

    *reasonable to go on lower because don’t want to incentivize driving personal vehicle usage, but still want adequate reimbursement

    *other types of incentives? Rather than paying mileage…maybe not monetary?

    *but km devalues you care and resale value

    *classified as something else? Should it be a delivery fee? Structured in a different way so you get money still but not under mileage

    *maybe $0.45, will think about for next week

    *not reimbursing for gas, just for devaluation of car

    1. Vote to approve mileage centage 
    2. Vote to reimburse Ashley on mileage 

    First New Member Meeting: October 2nd @ 6pm-7pm in KWIC

    Facilitator: Tia 

    Attendees: Tia, Anna, Rob, Sam, Connor, Julie, Jenna, Carly, Reagan, Kaitlyn, 

    1. Land Acknowledgement (1 minute)
    2. Introductions (10 minutes)
      1. Name, one word or phrase to describe your semester so far and your interest in ST
      2. Core Member intros and roles
    3. Operations and Constitution Overview (10 minutes)
      1. Non-hierarchical, consensus-based decision-making
      2. Mandate of sustainability and anti-oppression
      3. Oops/ouch exercise
      4. General versus Active member status 
        1. Voting 
      5. Levy fee of $2.24
      6. Finances and budget
    4. Task Sign-up (10 minutes)
      1. Pass around sign-up document and go over each task/position; the bullet list is a list of suggested tasks by no means do you have to do all of those tasks within a position
      2. DSF event
        1. See schedule of events document
          1. Need 1-2 photographers 
          2. Need 2-3 greeters
          3. Need as many people as possible to help with set up and takedown
        2. Need people to help put up posters
        3. If you want to share on your social media or send to your professors to share in your class or on BlackBoard that would be amazing
    5. Ideas and thoughts from new volunteers! (5 minutes)
      1. Kaitlyn: garbage cleanup (on campus vs downtown) 
        1. Free stuff from trent green party
        2. After reading week (before it snows) 
        3. Downtown is better place
      2. Rob: Reviving lantern walk at jackson park – anti freeway
        1. Active research place, old growth cedar 
        2. October? Temperature is a consideration → march/april 
      3. Partner with Sustainable Fleming?
      4. Revive: green pledge 
      5. Tree planting event → april (on vs off campus tbd) 
        1. Ontario Nature, NCC
    6. Updates and other upcoming events (2 minutes)
      1. Next meeting: October 9th at 6pm-7pm in KWIC
      2. 100 Debates on the environment – political debate thursday oct 2nd, student centre 7pm-9pm 
      3. David Suzuki Foundation speaker, Thurs., Oct. 10th, 11am-12pm @ FPHL 117
      4. Gift of the Crossroads, Thurs. Oct 10th, 7-8:30pm @ Stohn Hall, $10 tickets
      5. Decolonizing Education/ Post-Activism Workshop, Fri. Oct 11th, 9am-2pm @ The Mount Community Centre Auditorium, $35 tickets with lunch included
    7. If 5 core members, voting matters:–> not enough people to vote
      1. Mileage reimbursement requests
      2. Buying more cheques


    • Send out minutes
    • Send out task lists
    • Send out schedule of events for volunteer sign-up

    September 24th: David Suzuki Foundation Climate Talk Meeting

    1. Land acknowledgement
    2. Receipts and reimbursements
      1. Tia will get receipts from Sam 
      2. Sam will fill out reimbursement form
    3. Event
      1. Do we want to open this beyond Trent community?
        1. Not worth it
      2. Who is able to be there before/during/after?
        1. Ashley can be there before 
        2. Tia can be there before and during
        3. Anna is available during and after
    4. Go over task management chart
      1. What else needs to be done?
        1. Trent calendar
        2. Gift basket
          1. Tia will pick up basket 
          2. Ashley to go to Whetung’s, ST to reimburse for mileage? 
        3. Appreciation gift for Gideon
          1. Whetung’s mug 
        4. Budget updates
          1. Tia motioned to increase budget to $340 for a budget of $60 for gift basket and $20 appreciation gift
          2. Will need to come back to this to vote on again when there is five core members 
        5. Contact Sheldon to ask to be moderator
          1. Yes 
        6. Rent microphones and clicker from IT
        7. Set up greeters
          1. Gideon’s GO Bus will arrive at 9:54am so two people will need to entertain him for an hour (maybe a tour of campus? Should we officially set this up with campus tours?)
        8. Email security a week before to remind them of event
          1. Sam will do that
        9. Haven’t heard from Spoon about payment
          1. Tia will email SS again
    5. First active member meeting next week
      1. Could ask new members if want to put out posters out in store fronts
      2. Oct 2nd at 6pm in KWIC

    Tuesday, September 17th Meeting Minutes and Agenda

    1. Land acknowledgement (1 min)
    2. Can someone keep time of meeting?
    3. Climate rally (5-7)
      1. Funding request by Global Climate Action Peterborough for climate rally
      2. Budget in fb chat→ to cover honorarium 
      3. Ashley motioned, Sam seconded it and all in favor, 500$ in sponsorships
      4. Speech
        1. tia and sam will go and speak really quickly (if feeling up to it)
    4. DSF Climate Talk (10 min)
      1. Task management sheet (updated)
      2. Rob: ask FPHL about land acknowledgement
      3. Anna: poster
      4. Tia: room bookings; all dining halls are available and we could try booking, but no projector…would have to see about borrowing one from IT, would this be worth it? Or wait until rooms are approved/not in October?
        1. Also need to book through conferences…or ask another group to do it? Fees? Risk assessment? ahhhh
      5. To-dos: coffee maker, coffee and tea (receipts!); share event widely; put on Trent calendar
    5. Social Media-Anna (5 min)
      1. Forward all event emails to Anna if want posted
    6. First Active Member meeting (10 min)
      1. Tasks 
      2. Potential for core members? Co-coordinators? 
    7. MOU with KWIC (10 min)
      1. Had meeting with Alex, this is a pretty good deal, but can try to negotiate for lower percent
      2. Julie picked up our cheque and is giving it to Se
        1. Having meeting with Se on Friday at 2:30pm
      3. Ask Julie if can make green pledge a thing again for graduation, ask shelley too 
      4. Ask about grandfathering in to have a paid position at ST
    8. Future Majority (5 min)
      1. Sharing info?
      2. Yes that’s okay, say if interested in upcoming election check this out
    9. Trent Wetlands for development (5 min)
      1. HOTT
      2. Letter writing

    *Anna made Eventbrite account


    Official Plan Comments and Edits (10 min)

    Let’s go over and edit to submit today


    -Sam will edit leaf program doc

    -anna edit title

    -Tia will update password file

    -Tia will look at gift basket

    -Tia will do poll of meeting time to execs by Sat, then send finalized meeting times by Mon

    -Tia will send eventbrite link to Gideon

    September 7th Meeting Agenda and Minutes

    1. Land acknowledgment
      1. Anishinaabeg and Chippewa 
    2. Overview of Summer
      1. Roles
      2. Budget 
      3. Opt-out rate 23%
      4. Logo 
    3. Sam’s meeting with Payton
      1. Future Majority, nonprofit, nonpartisan charity 
      2. Want young people to vote, biggest voter cohort
      3. Want to focus on early polls
      4. From us, they want 10 volunteers→ we can help advertise
        1. They would make class announcements or help Payton to make announcements
        2. Social media
        3. Could we do bingo night or trivia night? Do it at the Celie
          1. Get Queens out for drag bingo?
          2. Political parody costumes
          3. Volunteer callout to be posted on social media, if comfortable repost on personal accounts
      5. They do platforms summaries→ good info for students 
      6. She would like list of big classes
      7. TCSA bringing Elections Canada in to show students how to vote 
    4. Clubs and Groups Day on Sept 13th, 10am-4pm, Bata Podium
      1. Sign up sheets need to be made and printed
      2. Anna can come in morning 10am-1pm
      3. Sam can come at 2pm possibly 
      4. Rob is on standby
    5. Open House Sept 13th 10am-2pm, KWIC Office
    6. Organization and inventory of our stuff in KWIC office needs to be done
      1. Anyone available Fri Sept 13? Or another time?
      2. Sam, Rob, Anna and Tia available at 9am-10am to go through stuff
    7. Climate Action Day on Sept 27th, 12pm-3pm
      1. We are speaking for 5ish minutes, sorry
        1. Tia will speak, Sam will help prep  
      2. They will be sending funding request
      3. Meeting with them on wednesday at clubs and groups day
    8. DSF Climate Talk
      1. Oct 10th at 11am, tentative time
      2. Need to approve budget
        1. Sam motioned to approved budget, Rob seconded, all approved, none opposed
        2. Approved budget of $300
      3. Need to do risk assessment and then room booking
      4. Future Majority having table setup beforehand?
    9. MOU with KWIC—need to sign off on it or find new agreement or third party bookkeeper
    10. Club status with TCSA? Do we need to register with constitution and budget or is it different for levy groups?
    11. Peterborough Official Plan→ Rob
      1. Draft one is out now, should ST make a comment on Natural Heritage part? 
      2. Deadline for comments is Sept 20th
      3. Professors are involved heavily
      4. Rob is contacting other groups 
      5. We can all read it by Sept 14th and send comments to Rob, Rob will submit formal letter by Sept 20th and have it in drive for us to approve
    12. Levy Group meeting on Thurs Sept 19th at 4pm at Sadlier House, can anyone else go?
      1. Probably not
    13. Gratitude Exchange!
      1. Maybe each person can explain their work, what they’ve done, how it made them feel to do this type of project, how it could be improved in the future
      2. By no means have to share with the whole group what you’ve done for everyone
    14. Future things
      1. Medicine Wheel needs tweaking in logo and review teachings from Doug Williams
      2. Business Admin is interested collaborating, they are running a cruise on Thursday night, 6-9pm for networking
        1. Politely decline, arrange instead a more accessible meeting time and place, a lunch or something
        2. Want to breakdown silos through networking

    Next Meeting:

    To discuss MOU, Wednesday, Sept 11th at 9am at Bata Podium


    • Tia give Anna social media access, passwords
    • Sam can ask Zunash about drag queens, how to get them?
    • Sam is follow-up with Payton
    • Tia will do sign-up sheets, Facebook messenger group? and email list
    • Anna to follow-up with TBSA about networking
    • Anna should read constitution
    • We all are to read summary of official plan by Sept 14 and direct msg Rob comments 
    • Rob will submit official plan by Sept 20
    • Tia to email gratitude items 

    August 7th, 2019 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

    Facilitator: Tia

    Attendees: Robert, Sam, and Ashley

    1. Land acknowledgement
      1. We should check out a time to go Friendship Centre, drop-in events
      2. We can come back to this in fall
    2. Levy Meeting Update
      1. Student Choice Initiative
        1. 23% of students have opted out of our levy fee
        2. Language and messaging around communications about the opt-out period from university has been very concerned with making it sound like students MUST opt out
          1. Levy group is writing a response to this, maybe ST could send Leo Groake or Nona an email too?
          2. Yes, it’s happening now, we can draft something no, send it now or soon then send another in October
            1. Time at end we can do that 
      2. Lots of stuff happening at these meetings! Very inspiring
        1. Need to reach out to SAFSS about attending next meeting
          1. Done 
        2. Need to follow We the Levies Campaign on social media to share on organization accounts and personal ones if interested
          1. Tia will do 
        3. Need to think about Winter opt-out period, this will be three weeks during November, expected to be worse
          1. Plan events and be present before this period, then be very active during it
      3. Next meeting is Thursday, September 19th at 4pm at Sadlier House
    3. Budgets 
      1. Julie is going away on vacation…again? Also Se hasn’t responded to my emails, I will follow-up, but a meeting is not happening any time soon, in the interest of time, I think we just need to move forward as best as we can and be flexible later
      2. I have drafted an idea for a budget for the school year
      3. Let’s get rough idea down to start approving funding requests
    4. Funding Proposal
      1. Shawna → Two Spirit Cabaret and Queer Dance Party Fundraiser this Friday
      2. Fundraising for Aamjiwnaang First Nation’s Toxic Tour and Water Gathering, lots of info on the event page on Facebook
      3. No specific amount requested
      4. Tia motioned to donate $300, Rob seconded, all in favour (Jazz phoned in to meet quorum). 
    5. Petition → Rob
      1. People wanting to get rid of tent city
      2. Draft of bylaw being released to not allow camps in parks
      3. We should draft a response
        1. Email to all councillors
        2. Then share on social media for others to send 
      4. Meeting on Monday, protest against tent city 
    6. KWIC Office being put back together on Wednesday, August 21st, including ST stuff
    7. Working 
      1. Emails and drafts 
    • Donation Possibilities
    • OTCC
    • Grassy Narrows
    • Many
    • Leaf Program Sheets
    • Let’s get started! List criteria, think of promotion and needs of other groups too
    • Events
    • Let’s brainstorm!
    • Moonlight Walk



    • Copy ST Manual’s definitions into definitions document
    • Print Ashley’s receipt
    • Send Se balance forms 
    • Email Julie about meeting
    • Follow #wetheleviescampaign
    • Revise budget to include summer expenses
    • Email Salamatu about leaving stuff in boxes
    • Edit leaf program sheets
    • Finish email draft to City Councillors


    • Write Caeleigh’s cheque
    • Edit leaf program sheets


    •  Email Alex Purdye about adding materials to the bags provided to first year students during O-week (who do we talk to, when’s it due, etc.?)
    • Leaf program sheets-create document


    • Check city website for meeting date and time about tent city
    • Look up draft bylaw
    • Check schedule for 21st

    June 27th Agenda

    Facilitator: Tia

    Attendees: Ashley, Jazz, Rob, Tia, Sam

    1. Land Acknowledgement and discussion (2-5 min)
    2. Time commitments
      1. Tia leave early
      2. Sam coming late
    3. Check-in & introductions (2-5 min)
    4. Language and Relationships (using the “oops” and “ouch” system)
    5. Approve agenda (5-10 min)
      1. Everyone at this time, please read the agenda and make edits as needed
    6. Motion for Ashley to be reimbursed
      1. Approved by group
    7. Updates on tasks (30-45 min)
      1. Ashley
        1. Credit Union
          1. ID, online banking
        2. Financial document
          1. Can we help with this?
      2. Jazzmin
        1. Logo 
      3. Rob
        1. Please continue sharing links to Tia for social media
        2. TCSA website
          1. Description okay?
      4. Sam
        1. Emails
          1. Summer orientation?
      5. Tia
        1. Pamphlet
        2. Levy booklet write-up
        3. Online banking
        4. Social media
          1. Can I post pictures of y’all? 
    8. Medicine Wheel (1 hour) – Jazzmin
      1. Brief overview, will go over it again in a series, over multiple weeks will go into more detail: have a meeting for each direction


    • Because we live here, we can carry these teachings, but carry them with humility
    • Let Indigenous peoples speak first, only share if no one else can/available/comfortable, and make sure to acknowledge your teachers
      • Decolonize Indigenous Peoples
    • Called a wheel not a circle to be in three dimensions
    • Wheels are destructive in nature when taken out of their element, outside of Creation
    • Think of Medicine Circle as a wheel, look at it horizontally
      • Think of time and space as we know it
      • Have cycles
      • Seasonal
      • Learn from previous cycle when going into the new cycle
      • Astronomical orbits as cycles 
      • Circle of life
      • Basis of understanding for the circle shape
      • Dual axis present
        • Duality of masculine and feminine, night and day, ying and yang
        • Middle ground present as well, where the richness is, gray
          • androgous, asexual, two spirit, transgender
        • The point at which the axes meet, is the peak of energy like a hurricane or tornado, the centrepoint is the strongest, apex is continually moving up and down
        • The medicine wheel follows cyclical movement, similar to DNA structures, double helix
          • Creation is in all of us and in our physical body
      • Wheel is innately moving, circle is not, circle is stationary and 2D
    • No space in institutions for the depth that teachings should be given 
    • Should fast to be able to disconnect from physical bodies and connect better with spiritual bodies
    • Original colours for Medicine Wheel are not red, white, yellow and black
      • These colours were used by the church to pull indg ppl in and saying these colours represent the four colours of the earth and the four races, started indoctrination
      • Spirit intervened and told people how this wheel can be useful and created new ceremonies around colonial construct, turned it around
        • Indigenized
    • Tamarack is a Turtle Island medicine, exists here all the way to Inuit territory
      • The trunk is twisted, spirals up like DNA, like wheel 
      • The tree is good for the brain, nervous system and neuron
      • Tea is good
      • Good for life, but intention is very important, that’s how they communicate
    • Ancestors could communicate will all beings
      • Could interpret how they spoke in their language 
    • Wind patterns are part for force that propels life through the DNA, the space-time continuum
    • At doorways, there are beings that guard the doors, they ensure that positivity enters into the physical realm and negativity generated in physical realm is removed and sent out the appropriate doorway
    • Frequencies 
      • Energy flows, you react to things in the flow
      • The vibration can be strength or hard times
    • Grandmother Moon, an old person there to guide you, her bosom is there to take you in on full moon to share positivity or for you to cry 
    • Creator and creation is one and many at the same time, and one is the many
    • East is spirit 
      • Sunrise in the east, that’s why it’s yellow…but that first light is red, Beedahbin 
      • Original, pre-contact wheel was red for that first light before Grandfather Sun
      • East gatekeeper is Eagle 
        • Physically the Eagle flies the highest in this territory
        • He can astral project to the spirit realm
        • Eagle sat with Creator and watched as beings were assigned
        • Eagle now has the responsibility of being the messenger, bring concern and energy to creator
        • Spirit world has a hard time interpreting mind, free will, independence, so eagle connects
        • In spirit world, you choose your parents, when your parents meet, you are created in the physical realm
        • New life sits in the east, east welcomes the new life and new spirits
          • Birth 
      • Tobacco is eastern medicine, the most sacred
        • Indg ppl all over the world because of its importance
        • Smoke tobacco to be able to easily communicate with the spirit world and with others
        • Colonizers misuse it because of its rush
        • Gentle medicine, to use the tobacco as intended, have to be in a state of mind to open yourself to the spirit world, medicine of choice, you have to decide to do it  
        • It is an elder, old soft kind nurturing
        • Use it for prayer
          • Tobacco takes on the embodiment of the prayer
        • Prayer is just talking or venting or asking for advice, when put on the ground, the tension is released to the spirit world but embodiment remains in the physical world for the spirits to hear and Mother Earth
        • Tobacco is gifted when need advice because it is the embodiment of that intention, the energy is exchanged, that’s how the “teacher” knows the embodiment
          • Energy exchange
          • Then the teacher has a way to release that energy to spirit world
        • The gift is in the intention, doesn’t matter the quality and quantity, the tobacco has infinite energy quantities 
        • When you see death, you give tobacco
        • Always ask before giving tobacco because the recipient must consent to the transference 
    • South is physical – red because the stage of life there is adolescence
      • Ex. females starting moon-time, red flows down to mother Earth, comes with the spirit of shedding 
      • Stages of life in 7: birth to life is 7, at the end of the 7 to 15 shift is when our moon-time starts, …
      • Two main gate keepers: black bear & turtle 
        • Bear is one of the main clans in the south – clan colour is blood red, acknowledging the power in the blood, blood runs through us and earth to carry life (ex. water)
      • Focus on the physical (ex. hormones), can lose sight of spirit (especially males)
      • Cedar medicine carries feminine medicine because it has energy like a mother 
    • West – black – adult 
    • Setting sun, night time approaching
    • The unknown
    • Creativity, expression,
    • Energy we have yet to access, not to fear
    • Buffalo, wolf
    • No buffalo clan in this territory
    • Not meant to have a clan, whole being of themselves should not be claimed unless you are chosen by them
    • Wolf clan represents those who can bring people together
      • Unity
      • Community
    • The west is a very misunderstood place, doorway of ebb and flow of energy
      • Exits there, buffalo sits there because that is negative energy leaving plane and that is buffalo being one of the only spirits that can take that
      • Stage of life that sits in the west is the adult phase
      • Come out of the intense phase of physical immersion and understanding
      • In this adult phase is where people start to unpack and release that trauma in the west
        • A Lot of people say in adolescence you are exploring and learning but you don’t get to a place where that can be a part of who you are until you can move past the physical absorption
        • Where we solidify who we are as a human being
        • If not careful you can get really absorbed in your mind
        • Important in this space to introduce sage
          • Sage is a spiritual medicine 
            • Transference where spirit comes into this space through sage
            • Cleansing physical body
            • Aligning your 4 bodies with the sage
              • Been awhile since in spirit and its important to acknowledge that spirit and adolescence as well
    • North – white – space of the elders/old people
    • Physical body moves into north but spiritual body may be in a different plane (sometimes
    • Polar bear, teaches solitude and independence and perseverance
      • You have to embody these teachings to truly sit in this place
    • Sweetgrass sits in the north
    • A medicine of the mind, when you inhale it, calms your mind and is sososo important
    • Sits with the elders (true elders)
      • Only ones who truly understand this and to help someone heal using this medicine
      • To calm
    • Salomonseal really good for kids and people who have adhd
      • Helps focus


    1. Constitution Updates (1 hour)
      1. Should we split up the rest of the sections with pairs or threes to get through faster then update at the end?
      2. 3.0 Budget
        1. Should create an overall semester budget
        2. Do we want to create one for the summer now? Or I can do that and have y’all edit and approve for next meeting?
        3. Template?
          1. Events, food, sponsorship, printing and promo, admin/KWIC fees
        4. Leave buffer

    To do’s:

    • Bring medicine bundle for Jazz for next meeting

    June 19th  Meeting Agenda



    1. Land Acknowledgement and discussion 
    2. Time commitments 
    3. Check-in & Introductions 
    4. Language and Relationships 
    5. Updates on tasks 
    6. Approval of agenda 
    7. Conflicts of Interest 




    1. News and Politics Purpose: Stay updated on relevant events 
    2. Committees and other opportunities from city and beyond 


    1. Approval of June 10 Meeting minutes Purpose: voting 
    2. Dinners
    3. Progress on logo and teachings – Purpose: Update and vote 
    4. ST Constitution  – Purpose: voting 

    Continuation from last meeting 

    1. Collaboration at other events – Purpose voting* 

    New Business 


    Other business 

    • OPIRG looking for volunteers to help paint bins at Trent 



    Next meeting: TBA 

    June 10th  Meeting Agenda

    Facilitator: Robert 

    Attendance: Robert, Sam, Caeleigh, Tia, Ashley 

    1. Land Acknowledgement and discussion 
    2. Time commitments 
    3. Check-in & Introductions 
    4. Language and Relationships – oops/ouch
    5. Approval of agenda 
    6. Conflicts of Interest 


    1. Approval of June 3 Meeting minutes Purpose: voting 
    2. ST Constitution  – Purpose: voting 
    1. Opening remarks of constitution need to acknowledge Indiginous partnership and incorporate Indigenous perspectives 
    2. Definitions 
      1. Updated as needed in constitution and separate sister-document 
    3. What is a Core Member? 
    4. Student Choice Initiative and Membership 
    5. Recruitment section 
    6. Voting Procedure update 
    7. Quorum update 
    8. Ooops and Ooch 
    9. Missing budget section 
    10. Review 
    11. Avoid conflicts with Indigenous events 
    12. Avoid City Hall meetings where possible 
    13. Recording/ privacy policy 
    14. Public records 
    15. Other 
    16.     Progress on logo – Purpose: update 
    • Pending approval (check in with Jazz)
    • To Do: follow the teachings of the medicine circle, need to go over them at some point in the near future, add it to the constitution
    • $50 honorarium for making the logo – likely to GreenUp (need to figure out how we’ll set that up)


    1. Levy Group update – Purpose: Update 
    • New meeting feature News and Politics  – Purpose: update 
    • Collaboration at other events  – Purpose voting* 
    • Other Business 
    • Revised roles under constitution 
    • Beginnings of Constitution revision 
    • Check Out 


    • follow the teachings of the medicine circle, need to go over them at some point in the near future, add it to the constitution 
    • $50 honorarium for making the logo – likely to GreenUp (need to figure out how we’ll set that up)
    • Further Constitution updates to come in next meeting 
    • Seeds 
    • Seeds 
    • Last week 

    Next meeting: June 

    June 3rd Meeting Agenda

    Facilitator: Tia 

    Attendance: Jazzmin, Sam, Rob, Ashley, Tia

    1. Land Acknowledgement
    2. Check-in & Introductions
    3. Language and Relationships – oops/ouch
    4. What is Sustainable Trent?

    “Student driven initiative supported by university-wide participation.”

    “The objective of ST is to make Trent University more environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable and to encourage education and awareness of related issues.”

    “ST was created to encourage students and other members of Trent to take action on the issues that are important to them.”

    • Runs on consensus-based decision-making model, non-hierarchical structure
    • $2.24 refundable levy
    1. Follow-up on to-dos
      1. Ashley
        1. Logo design→ Caeleigh
          1. Caeleigh is sick and can’t be here
          2. Tomorrow morning at 8:15am, going to Cork and Bean for breakfast to go over logo
          3. Need to still make the colours specific to territory
          4. Good relationship
          5. Medicine circle is important because of acknowledging Indigenous Peoples’ important in sustainability
          6. Facebook profile banner with more detail→ incorporate clans that are specific to this territory (heron and deer) with wetlands
          7. Need to have permission from local Indigenous people, Jazzmin will ask local council
          8. Add email address to logo 
          9. Make water visible 
          10. Add Heron to logo and put medicine circle in middle, bring perspective done
          11. Facebook banner
            1. Have marsh and put all clans of this territory
          12. Honorarium 
            1. Ashley motioned $50, Tia seconded, all in agreement
            2. Different one for banner
          13. Deadline: June 15th
          14. Stickers and buttons!
        2. First year welcome packages?
          1. Seeds? Native species, bee-friendly
          2. Partner with Beedaabin 
          3. Ashley and Jazz will contact him and follow-up with us next meeting
          4. Packages to be done by July 6th→ stapled
          5. Do up budget for that→ Tia
        3. Ashley will make Google calendar for ST and will run with that   
      2. Rob 
        1. Constitution edits→ roles will come later
        2. Social hashtags to follow
          1. Can we review Twitter?
      3. Sam
        1. Emails:
          1. Levy groups meeting tomorrow, 5pm at Sadlier House, Hobbs Library
            1. First Tuesday of every month
            2. Rob can go! 
            3. Next meeting is Tuesday, July 2nd 
          2. Organization in process
          3. Ferguson forest, at risk trees in Kemptville
            1. Give him feedback?
            2. Sam will ask when he needs feedback  
          4. Call for funding proposals through Ptbo Co-op, missed deadline  
          5. Concordia divest→ doing a national campaign, asking if we want to be a part of it
            1. Help bring awareness and bring strategies
            2. Asking us to complete survey in March 11th 
        2. O-week, partnership with TO
        3. RSVP for summer orientation days
        4. Can you find our email list?
      4. Tia 
        1. Disorientation week: OPRIG willing be getting back to us soon about specifics, but still a few weeks of planning to do before, will probably need funding, outreach and volunteer help
        2. Twitter is active again, just need things to post about…
        3. Instagram is created, please follow us
        4. Ashley can you please send me some nature pictures?
        5. ST pamphlet
          1. Need some help for ideas! Pictures of us? Events? Nature? What info to include?
            1. Nature pictures and facebook banner picture
            2. Email and info about us
            3. Photo of Otanobee board
    2. Constitution and Roles
    3. KWIC Fall Open House
    4. Other developments?
    5. Future things
      1. Going over Ford’s policies…put it in minutes? Have a chart of policies 
      2. Different day for meetings


    • Send Tia nature pictures
    • Ashley will follow-up on logo with Caeleigh
    • Google calendar
    • Attend Levy’s Group Meeting
    • Will prepare agenda for constitution meeting
      • Constitution
      • Process on logo
      • Update on levy group meeting
      • Recent events and articles (politics)
      • Other business
    • Emails
    • Survey for divest Corcordia
    • Letter to Ferguson forest
    • Send RVSP to Meghan for TCSA summer orientation, two Saturdays
      • Saturday, July 13th
      • Saturday, August 17th, 12-2pm   
    • Contact Beedahbin about seeds
    • On completion of logo, ask for consent from indg of territory on usage
    • Article for next meeting
    • Change social media handles to all be the same
    • ST Pamphlet by June 
    • Send meeting minutes
    • Compile dates for Ashley
    • Meeting agenda=prioritize!

    Next meeting: Monday, June 10th at 7-9pm→ just on constitution

    The following are the meeting minutes for Sustainable Trent’s 2018-2019 year. Certain information has been removed to protect the privacy of ST’s members.

    Date: March 7, 2019


    Student Choice Initiative Updates

    • February 28, Victoria drafted a letter to Trent Administration explaining why ST should be considered a mandatory fee under the new framework
      • This will likely not work, so we discussed starting a campaign in early September to demonstrate why ST matters for the community to try and convince students to opt-in to the fee

    Transition to Next Year

    • Finances – Victoria has picked up the winter cheque and will be depositing it with Julie
      • We will be setting up a meeting with Se, our accountant, and Victoria to learn how financial aspects of organization work
    • Representation
      • Need representation on Levy Groups Council and Environmental Advisory Board for next year

    Putting Your Degree to Action Conference

    • Friday March 22 from 9:00 to 4:00
    • Share the event on your social networks if comfortable
    • Last week, Anna, Robert, and Victoria voted to sponsor the event for $600.00 to cover the cost of PickWaste’s speaking fee and food for participants
    • Anna will get cards for Tia

    Sustainable Development Goals Forum

    • Victoria will reimburse Robert for ticket to forum

    January 31 & February 6


    • Peterborough Climate Action Plan Update

    o For Our Grandchildren presented a proposal at the budget hearings at City Hall asking for a “Climate Emergency Fee” (0.8% of property taxes or $32.00 on average per household) to provide essential funding to reduce local carbon emissions. o This was voted against in favour of voluntary donations. o Since the vote, 22 people have donated $9,552 to a special fund meant to pay for climate change mitigation projects.

    • Ontario Government Education Cuts

    o Campus Meeting Outcomes

    ▪ Talking with the MPP of Peterborough

    ▪ The bus drivers are on our side

    ▪ Email Dave Smith your thoughts

    o ST Statement

    ▪ Tia is drafting a statement that Victoria will post to social media o Essential Fees

    ▪ Victoria is drafting a response to the TCSA as to how we fit into the essential fees.

    • KWIC SDG Forum

    o Multi-sector community forum – Understanding the UN Sustainable Development

    Goals: Canada’s Commitment and Local Connections o Robert will be attending this forum as a Sustainable Trent representative. We will be reimbursing him the attendance costs.

    • Levy Group Workshop Day

    o Anna, Tia, Sam, Shawn, and Victoria voted to donate $50.00 to help cover the costs of the workshop day.

    o Victoria will pay Sadleir House

    Upcoming Events:

    • Anti-Oppression Workshop

    o February 13 at 5:00 pm at Sadleir House o Register here: drrS4ZzTENFra5KNgIsQ/viewform

    Date: January 24, 2019

    1) ReFrame Subsidy

    A student asked for a subsidy to view one of the films that Sustainable Trent is sponsoring this year, Anote’s Ark, at the ReFrame festival. Everyone voted yes to a $15.00 reduction on a $25.00 day pass on the condition that the student share what they learned from the film with the group. 2) Peterborough Climate Action Plan Update

    For Our Grandchildren presented a proposal to the budget hearings at City Hall asking for a “Climate Emergency Fee” (0.8% of property taxes, or $32.00 on average per household) to provide essential funding to reduce carbon emissions locally. This was voted against in favour of voluntary donations. 3) Solidarity with Unist’ot’en

    They got a couple things wrong, but the action organized by ST’s very own Shawna made the Peterborough Examiner. Let’s keep showing up in solidarity! peterborough- bridge/?fbclid=iwar1pegarpagrkn5bgsh9sfvvfpypdvwkikvhbyv61ue5ncpyrp7vcrs_k7o

    The next event is next Friday February 1 at 9:00 pm at the Sapphire Room. Come dance for solidarity with Wet’suwet’en! $5.00 at the door or PWYC. 19+. The group voted to donate $200.00 to this event to cover honoraria for the DJs in order to ensure that money raised goes directly in support to the cause! “All funds going to support the Unist’ot’en and their allies as they will be facing mounting legal fees in order to protect the territory in so-called northern ‘British Columbia’.” IMPORTANT: This is an active Two Spirit, Queer and Trans Indigenous, Black, People of Colour focused space.

    Come dance with ST and support an extremely important movement at the same time!

    4) Doug Ford

    • Changes made to OSAP

    o An increase in the amount parents are expected to contribute o Elimination of the 6-month post-graduate grace period on loan interest o Elimination of the free tuition grant for low-income students

    • 10% decrease in tuition fees followed by a tuition freeze

    o No subsequent increase in operating grants to compensate o This will result in cuts of 5% or more across the board at Trent

    • Changing all ancillary fees billed by institutions e.g. levy fees, college fees, TCSA fees, transit, etc. to being non-mandatory i.e. students will be able to opt-out of every fee

    o The government is generating a matrix of fees that will maintain

    mandatory status (those related to physical health, mental health, or security/safety) although the timeline on this is unknown

    • What does this mean for us?

    o Our budget will likely be significantly cut next year.

    • Anna will be attending a meeting organized by Lindsay of the TCSA with the goals to:

    o Plan a major action outside the office of Peterborough’s MPP, Dave


    o Come up with a long-term plan for direct action in Peterborough

    • Anna will report back on this meeting at our next meeting. 

    5) Random Acts of Green App

    Downloadable from all major app stores by searching ‘RAOG’ You get points for performing environmental activities which can be traded in for discounts on sustainable products.

    In other good news:

    Ontario removed Schedule 10 from Bill 66! This was the component of the legislation that would have opened up the Greenbelt to development.

    Read more here:

    Date: January 17, 2019

    1) ReFrame Film Festival
    We are funding three films at $500.00 each.
    Anote’s Ark
    The Pacific Island nation of Kiribati is one of the most remote places on the planet,
    seemingly far-removed from the pressures of modern life. Yet it is one of the first
    countries that must confront the main existential dilemma of our time: imminent
    annihilation from sea level rise. While Kiribati’s President Anote Tong races to find a way
    to protect his nation’s people and maintain their dignity, many Kiribati are already
    seeking safe harbour overseas.
    Inventing Tomorrow

    Meet passionate teenage innovators from around the globe who are creating cutting-
    edge solutions to confront the world’s environmental threats – found right in their own backyards. Take a journey with these inspiring teens as they prepare their projects for
    the largest convening of high school scientists in the world.
    Youth Unstoppable
    Award-winning filmmaker and director Slater Jewell-Kemker spent 10 years shooting
    Youth Unstoppable around the world. At age 15, Slater began attending environmental
    summits, camera in hand, wide-eyed and ready to make a difference. What began with a
    single journey evolved into an intimate and challenging documentary shot behind the
    front lines of the largely unseen and misunderstood Global Youth Climate Movement.
    2) Peterborough Council Climate Action Plan
    For Our Grandchildren presented a proposal to the budget hearings at City Hall asking
    for a “Climate Emergency Fee” (0.8% of property taxes or ~$32.00 on average per
    household) to provide essential funding to reduce local carbon emissions.

    3) Unist’ot’en Solidarity Action
    Upcoming event this Saturday January 19th from 3:00-4:00 pm on the Hunter Street
    Meet beforehand at James Stevenson Park.
    Link to Facebook Event:
    Some other informational links:
    4) NeighbourPLAN
    Peterborough GreenUP program affiliated with the Active Neighbourhoods Canada
    partnership, which uses a collaborative process to support people in re-imagining public spaces. The program is operating in three neighbourhoods across Peterborough:
    Downtown Jackson Creek, Brookdale, and Tallwood.
    Downtown Jackson Creek is bordered by McDonnel, Aylmer, Charlotte, and Park.
    Three Phases:

    1) Portrait – preliminary engagement, connecting with residents, and asking questions
    to understand how residents use public space while identifying local needs and
    2) Vision – work with residents to co-design solutions to specific focus sites
    3) Plan – take all collected information and create a vision booklet for the
    neighbourhood; support advancing some of these ideas either through formal
    processes, making connections with the right people, and partnering with other
    organizations or the City.
    There are opportunities to volunteer! Email if interested.
    If you live in Downtown Jackson Creek, there are resident meetings held every second
    Tuesday of the month, from 4:00-6:00 pm in the Community Room of the Brooklawn
    Apartment Building which is on the corner of Murray and Donegal.
    1) Levy Groups’ Workshop/Skill-Share Day
    Levy groups’ group will be hosting a workshop/skill-share day on Saturday March 2nd
    from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at Sadleir House.
    They are looking for $750.00 to provide food and events at no cost to participants and
    are looking for any amount we are willing to contribute.
    VOTED through $50.00 contribution.
    2) Trent Green Party
    Hoping to host build-your-own-apartment-composter workshop.
    Budget is attached, and contribution will be voted on next week.
    1) Unist’ot’en Rally
    Saturday January 19th 3:00-4:00 pm on the Hunter Street Bridge; meet at James
    Stevenson Park
    2) Smokii Sumac Poetry Collection Launch
    Monday January 21st 7:00-9:00 pm at Artspace (378 Aylmer Street North)
    3) Seasoned Spoon Volunteer Orientation
    Thursday January 24th 4:00-5:30 pm
    4) Turtleude 2019
    Saturday January 26th 11:00 am-2:00 pm at Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre

    November 5 Meeting Minutes


    1. RAVEN Trust Tar Sands Campaign
    • Brendan has been hired as a Campaigns Organizer for the Beaver Lake Cree Nation (Treaty 6, Alberta)
      • Tasked with engaging people to host events and fundraisers to support their legal case against the Alberta and federal governments for cumulative impacts
      • Wants to organize something here in Nogo/Ptbo
    • Sustainable Trent is definitely interested. We just want more information as to how we can help.
      • Victoria will email Brendan to determine what support is needed.
    1. Levy Representative
    • ST needs a new levy representative for the meetings of the levy group.
      • The next meetings are November 9th and December 7th from 12:00-2:00 in the Sadleir House Dining Hall.
      • Nick will take this on; Victoria will email details
    1. Waste Day
    • Sustainability Office has placed a funding request for $100.00 to cover the full cost of a bus to get 25 people to the recycling facility for a tour on November 8th.
    • The tour is from 9:00-12:00. For those interested, contact
    • All in favour to fund the bus trip; no one opposed
    1. Website Renewal
    • The website has been set up to auto renew using Michael Segovia’s credit card.
    • The yearly fee is $34.00 which he was just charged for and is seeking reimbursements. He is currently in Spain, so Victoria will e-transfer him the money and then ST will reimburse Victoria.
    • All in favour; no one opposed.
    1. Trent Oxfam Sustainable Soiree Collab Opportunity
    • We are interested in collaborating on this.
      • What does collaboration look like?
    • We could fund but would need more of a drafted budget.
    • Who is invited to this event?
    • Victoria will email Trent Oxfam.
    1. Potential ST Event
    • Documentary night
    • Everyone come with a documentary suggestion next week
    1. Upcoming Events
    • November 8 – Waste Day all day; more details on Facebook

    Date: September 24th 2018
    1) OPIRG Disorientation Week Funding Request
    • relates to mission of advocating for sustainability and environmental justice
    • many events geared towards encouraging students to become involved in issues that relate to anti-oppression and social justice
    • fits mandate and good to maintain working relationship
    • request for $500.00; total costs were $3375.00
    • all voted yes to funding; motion passed
    • Jocelyn will get cheque
    2) Victoria Reimbursement
    • paid for sustainable trent page in levy book $81.13
    • Ceilie end of year meeting April 2018 $47.63 for appetizers
    • Food Not Bombs for Alliston bus trip $200.00
    • all voted yes to reimbursement; motion passed
    • Jocelyn will get cheque
    3) Peterborough Petes Game
    • offer to collaborate at a game either for fundraising or on a green initiative
    • group decided that this is not something we’re interested in at this time
    4) Cans for Critters
    • Kawartha Wildlife Centre – nonprofit volunteer organization that cares for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife in the Kawartha Lakes area
    • want to collect aluminum pop cans to help cover the regular costs of operating the center
    • hoping to make connections across campus where we could set-up can drops and pick up cans on a regular basis
    • talked to Shelley Strain from the Sustainability Office and she said that the City of Peterborough currently picks up the cans to provide revenue for the city so there are too many political obstacles to make it happen from a higher level
    • question of how long was raised; Victoria will email Steve to find this out  before anyone takes on this project
    5) Sustainability Conference
    • there is interest in bringing back the sustainability conference, but some concerns about location
    • Victoria will set up a meeting with Rob Monico to discuss
    6) EBR Posting and Peterborough Climate Change Work
    7) Upcoming Events
    • KWIC Open House Wednesday September 26 11:00-2:00 ESC B101
    • Honey Harvesting at the Seasoned Spoon Wednesday September 26 3:30-6:30 registration required $5.00 check out the seasoned spoon event on facebook for registration
    • Sustainable Renovation Open House Wednesday September 26 from 6:30-8:30 pm at 586 Bethune Street
    • Tallgrass Seed Collecting Sunday September 30 at 10:00 am contact Kawartha Land Trust to sign up

    The following are the minutes from the 2013-2014 year.

    Sept. 18th, 2013
    – Acknowledge the land
    – Appoint a minute-taker (and explain process)
    – Go around/Introductions

    – Upcoming Events:
    – Sept. 25th KWIC/ST Open House
    – Sept. 26th Town Hall on Line 9
    – Oct. 1st Teach-in on the tar sands and Line 9 (partnership between TUNA and Sustainable Trent)
    Oct. 16th Tar Sands Reality Check Tour in the Great Hall
    Oct. 19th bus to NEB hearings protest

    – Report-backs from Working Groups
    – Training: Anti-Oppression & Consensus Decision Making
    – Website
    – T-shirts
    – Brainstorm: What can we achieve as a group?
    – Social/Open mic?
    – Wrap-up

    Meeting Minutes September 18 2013

    New Events:

    Friday September 20 6-9pm OPIRG Boycott Aramark BBQ at Sadleir House:

    Sunday September 22 Climate Change Rally 11am-12pm in Millennium Park:

    Wednesday September 25th 11am-2pm KWIC Open House Wednesday

    Thursday September 26th 6-8:30pm at Town Hall Line 9 Meeting and Community Letter writing to National Energy Board:

    October 1st Line 9 Teach In By Vannesa Gray in the Tipi by Gzowski

    October 16th Tar Sands Reality Check Tour in the Great Hall

    October 19th Line 9 protest at National Energy Board Hearings-hopefully will be getting transport from Peterborough to Toronto and back:

    Ordering Sustainable Trent shirts
    Workshops: anti oppression, activism training
    Boycott Aramark Event?
    Solar panel campus installation working group?
    Student Center Sustainability Event?

    Working Groups:
    Food Issues
    Waste Management
    Line 9

    Contact Sustainable Trent if you want to sign up for any of these groups or have a group you would like to create.

    Funding Proposals:

    Exxon Hates Your Children Ad 200$ funding to get on national TV, watch the ad here:

    Divestment advertisements in the Arthur and Examiner

    Next meeting:
    Vote on Exxon ad funding proposal
    Media Coordinator still needed
    Website needs updating
    Appoint leaders for each working group that can report back during general meeting and keep updates on working group agenda, plans, events

    Contact Sustainable Trent if you have any questions comments, or concerns

    Agenda – Sept. 25th, 2013

    – Acknowledge the Land
    – Appoint a minute taker
    – Check-in/Go-around
    – Events:
    – Sept. 26th: Town Hall on Line 9
    – Oct. 1st: Tar Sands Teach-in
    – Oct. 10th: Canadian Foreign Aid & the Mining Industry
    – Oct. 15th: Maude Barlow – tabling??
    – Funding options:
    – Peterborough Greenspace Coalition
    – Documentary on pipeline resistance
    – Exxon Hates Your Children – ad
    – Working Group Updates: Divestment, Waste, Line 9, Food Issues
    – Positions: Media, Recruitment, Volunteer, Website Coordinators
    – Group planning session: Boycott Aramark meal!!
    – New business
    – Check-outs

    Minutes Sept. 25th, 2013

    Attendance: Lawrance, Danielle, Monica, Andrea, Andrew, Vanessa, Brad, Matthew, Emma, Jared, Calvin, Ben, Sophia, Nick, Julian

    Coming Events

    1. Line-9 Town Hall
    Thursday, September 28th, Peterborough Public Library at 6:00pm

    2. Tar Sands Teach-In
    October 1st, 5:00 pm at the tipi (which tipi?). Food will be provided by Mama Bear’s Kitchen.

    * Sustainable Trent has voted to support the event in the amount of $100 (50% the cost).

    3. Canadian Foreign Aid regarding Mining Operations (gives money to countries to exploit their resources through mining)
    October 10th, 7-9pm at Market Hall

    4. Maude Barlow, of Council of Canadians, will be presenting a talk on water.
    October 15th, 7-9pm at Market Hall

    Issues debated
    1. Peterborough Coalition for Green Space – an amalgamation of independent environmental groups looking to fight development to protect our green spaces. They are currently striving to fight the possibility of a freeway cutting through Jackson Park, and the creation of a road that will destroy a scenic bike route.
    They requested funding for advertising through pamphlets and other such things to raise awareness. A documentary is currently in production and one person in charge has asked that $700 be the amount. We at Sustainable Trent agreed to hold off on any donations until more people become informed. A suggested donation was $500.
    Suggestions for advocating green space included:
    a. creating a seminar-type event on the importance of these patches of land in cities.
    b. inviting one of the members of Peterborough Green Space Coalition to our meetings.
    2. Exxon Hates Your Children advertisement: We’ve agreed to return to this topic one week from now so as to have more active members to vote.
    3. Boycott Aramark: It was suggested to be planned primarily by the Food Issues working group. A meeting on this event is scheduled for this coming Monday September 30th at 5:00 pm in KWIC.
    4. Discussion Panel on Divestment: On November 11th at 3:00 pm at (location to be announced) there will be a panel that will be discussing the divestment movement.
    5. Sustainable Trent presence on campus. A suggestion was made where members of Sustainable Trent should write to Arthur about the divestment campaign from a more ‘newsy’ angle. This is to keep people interested and make it meaningful.
    6. Possible Meeting Change: There have been several suggestions regarding meeting times.
    a. One suggestion involved having two meetings – one on Monday and the other on Wednesday. The Monday could be a planning day to plan events or to make decisions on certain activities. The Wednesday would be our general meeting which would also include updates on working groups.
    b. Another suggestion was that we have two meetings in a single Wednesdayday: one at 11 am, and the other at 6 pm.
    c. A variation of this suggestion was that there would be alternating meeting times on Wednesday: one week would be at 11 am, and the next would be at 6 pm.
    On two separate meetings: A complication to this was brought up regarding consensus-based voting where if there were two different meetings and one group voted against a proposed idea, and the other voted for it, there would be a constant back-and-forth of voting which would make it very hard to get things done.
    7. Working Group Updates: Divestment Working Group – looking to do some promoting of the issue around campus and promote other relevant events.

    Minutes October 2nd, 2013

    Liz, Calvin, Nick- small turnout

    Oct 2 (today) Sadleir House 6-8pm- Workshop on how to build an effective campaign for social change. Hosted by Juilan and Calvin:
    Oct 7 6pm at City Hall Idle No More March for National Day of Action. Walk will end at Little Lake:
    Oct 10 7-9pm Market Hall 140 Charlotte St- Canadian Foreign Aid: Exploring the relationship between development and the mining industry – still need volunteers for tabling:
    Maude Barlow talk Oct 15th-Nick and Jared said they would table?
    Oct 16 Tar Sands Reality Check Tour-please join the event on Facebook and invite all your friends!:
    Oct 19 at Toronto Metro Convention Center- Line 9 Protest. Bus from Peterborough to Toronto and back still in works but likely will go ahead:

    Funding decisions:
    Peterborough Greenspace Coalition $500 funding approved-according to emails and past meetings
    Exxon Hates Your Children ad and Heather Milton Lighting expenses for Climate Symposium voting postponed due to lack of voting members at meeting and vague consensus on agreement from past meetings

    Working Group Report Back:
    Divestment: Ben and Calvin worked on poster for glass display by Wenjack. Still needs to be painted.
    Food Issues: Boycott Aramark planned for October 30th in collaboration with Trent Oxfam. Official details to be released soon. Looking for people willing to bring food for potluck. Looking for 350$ to fund event from Sustainable Trent to pay for catering-vote next week or less depending if Trent Oxfam puts money towards event as well.
    Waste: no working group members to report back
    Line 9: Community Letter event the library went well. We had a good turn out and a good discussion and also put together a letter we will be sending to the National Energy Board.

    New business:
    Positions still need appointing
    Website needs updating
    Nick will send documents out regarding official positions and descriptions
    Assign leaders for working groups to report back at general meetings!
    Possible talk at Trent from Peterborough Greenspace Coalition

    Agenda Oct. 9th, 2013

    – Acknowledge the land
    – Appoint a minute-taker
    – Go-around/Check-in
    – Oct. 10th – Canadian Foreign Aid & the Mining Industry – tabling
    – Oct. 15th – Maude Barlow – tabling
    Funding Decisions:
    – Sponsorship of Maude Barlow event
    – Exxon Hates Your Children
    – Heather Milton Lightening expenses for Climate Symposium
    Working Group Report-backs
    – Boycott Aramark/Food Issues
    – Divestment
    – Waste
    – Line 9
    Positions: any takers?
    – Website: key priority
    – New business
    – Check-outs

    Meeting Minutes October 9, 2013

    Calvin, Julian, Andrew, Vanessa, Brad, Shelly (Environmental Advisor back from Maternity leave!), Justyn
    Upcoming events
    Oct 12 11am PCVS parking lot March Against Monsanto Peterborough:
    Oct 15 7pm Market Hall “Blue Future” Book Tour by Maude Barlow:
    Oct 16 7pm Great Hall Champlain College Tar Sands Reality Check Tour:
    Oct 19 8:45am Shoppers Drug Market parking lot Free Bus to and from Line 9 protest in Toronto:
    Funding Proposals
    Julian Proposed ST sponsors $100.00 to the upcoming Maude Barlow event. – approved by all attended members
    Julian proposed ST to donate $500.00 to Heather Milton Lightening (Reality Check Tour Panelist) to support her travel funding. – approved by all attended members
    Julian proposed: ST donating $500.00 to Seasoned Spooned weekly workshops – approved by all attended members
    Tar Sands Reality Check Tour posters are now available-if anyone wants to help poster there is some left in KWIC office on barrel
    No Line 9 rally bus check-in
    • Flyers- Vanessa
    • Facebook event – Julian
    Exxon Video funding – Dropped
    Updates from Working Groups
    Food Issues- Brad
    • Food Not Bombs on board with Boycott Aramark
    • Booking great hall in Champlain
    Updated Shelly on food services
    Waste Management- Brad
    • Possible garbage clean-up on Mondays
    • Partnership with Trent RAGS
    Website Update Needed
    • Need someone to volunteer to update – Shelly looking into it
    • Possibly looking into web designer in town?
    • Need to come up with a total cost and content for website

    Agenda Oct. 16th, 2013

    – Acknowledge the land
    – Appoint a minute-taker
    – Check-in
    – Oct. 16th – Tar Sands Tour
    – Oct 19th – Bus to Line 9 protest in Toronto
    Peterborough Greenspace Coalition – ST representative?
    Working Group Report-backs
    – Boycott Aramark/Food Issues
    – Divestment
    – Waste
    – Line 9
    – Positions: any takers?
    – Website: key priority
    – New business
    – Check-outs

    Agenda Oct. 30th, 2013

    – Acknowledge the Land
    – Appoint a minute-taker
    – Check-ins
    – Upcoming Events:
    Climate Symposium, Nov. 8th and 9th
    Divestment Panel, Nov 11th
    – Report-backs from Working Groups
    – Divestment
    – Food Issues
    – Waste Management
    – No Line 9
    – ST Mission/Vision Statement
    – Annual General Meeting – planning committee
    – New business

    Minutes October 30, 2013

    Attended: Andrea, Brad, Shelley, Nick, Calvin, Colleen
    Acknowledgement of the land
    Upcoming events
    – Divestment panel – Nov. 11 @ 3pm, BL B103
     Send out facebook invite to event
     People on pro panel: Stephen Hill, Julian. People on con panel: Investment guy (hope to get a Prof or student)
     Hope to get media coverage
     Design a poster -> Brad volunteers to design and email it to ST
    – Climate Change Symposium – Nov. 8+9 @ 8:30pm – 4pm?
     Tabling at this event?
    – “Do The Math” movie – Nov. 18th
     Need to poster/Wenjack lecture announcements if no postering
    – Boycott Aramark tonight at 5:30-7pm in Great Hall
    Working Groups
    – Boycott Aramark name issue
    – Aramark is trying local food days (4/month), need to work with new contract if developed, Aramark needs sustainability pushed into new contract
    – FNB doesn’t need money ASAP, but will upcoming
    – Need to pay caterers
    – Trent Oxfam will front money
    Official voting to fund Boycott Aramark: 200$ – Rachelle FNB, 350$ – Dan Lagault, 200$ – green dishes. Unanimous vote to go ahead.
    Waste Management
    – Composting awareness
    – Community compost pile idea – considered not liable due to need for permit
    Line 9
    – rally went well, a lot of media coverage, Enbridge submitted final proposal in writing instead of rescheduling final day of hearing
    – idea to purchase 2 days of hearing footage for 100$/day brought up
    Other Business
    – The poster to be put in display case needs to be painted sometime next week (glass case was given to ST under circumstance it is up to date and used)
    – Idea of changing ST’s name brought up – needs to be brought up continuously over the next month
    – Annual General Meeting – public event to tell people what ST is and how it works – workshops, talking circles for input suggested – should happen soon
    – Send out another doodle poll for people who wish to seriously attend ST
    – Involvement in University’s sustainability policy – bring it up at new meeting after new doodle poll created (campus wide items such as: fair trade, bottle free)

    Agenda Nov. 6th, 2013

    – Acknowledge the Land
    – Minute-taker
    – Check-in
    Upcoming Events:
    – Climate Symposium, Nov. 8 & 9 – tabling
    – Divestment Panel: Nov. 11th, 3 pm
    Financial decision: NEB hearings video recording
    Campaign Updates:
    – Divestment
    – Boycott Aramark/Food Justice: discussion on effective wording/messaging
    – Waste Management
    – Line 9
    – No Parkway
    Other issues:
    – ST Mission/Vision Statement, and question of changing our name
    – Website!
    – Annual General Meeting – planning committee?
    – New business
    – Check-outs

    Minutes November 6th, 2013

    Attendance: Calvin, Julian, Laura, Shelley, Justin, Andrea, Colleen

    Upcoming events:
    Climate Change Symposium:
    Divestment Panel:
    Parks Not Parkway Concert:

    Line 9:
    NEB video recording $100 a day for 2 days-approved

    Divestment panel
    Do the Math film screening planned for week of November 18th
    Julian and Calvin are presenting to Board of Governors January 31st
    Colleen will stay after meeting and paint poster for glass display

    Food issues:
    Boycott Aramark meal was a success!!
    discussion continued on Boycott Aramark is appropriate name. Suggestions were food alternatives meal or Boycott Corporate/Unhealthy food meal. Discussion will continue later.

    Waste issues:
    ST could team up with Trent RAGS-check them out:

    Parks not Parkways:
    Volunteers still needed
    City Council meeting 13th and 20th at Evinrude Center can call City Hall at 705 742 7777 to speak on 20th
    Concert for Greenspace Nov 17th

    New business:
    AGM meeting planned for next year
    Open House/Creative fun event at Sadleir House planned for next year
    Talk of changing name/mission statement-Julian will contact TCSA

    Agenda Nov. 11th, 2013

    – Acknowledge the Land
    – Appoint a minute-taker
    – Check-ins
    Upcoming events:
    – Divestment Panel – 3 PM, BL 103
    – Do the Math screening?
    – Jackson Park meetings: Nov. 13 & 20
    – Concert for Greenspace: Nov. 17
    – Sadleir House Pub Night: February 6th
    – Divestment
    – Food Issues
    – Waste/Lug a Mug
    – Parkway
    – New business

    Agenda Nov. 18th, 2013

    – Acknowledge the Land
    – Minute taker
    – Check ins
    Upcoming events:
    – Do the Math screening: Nov. 18th 7 pm
    – Parkway meeting: Nov. 20th, 6:30 pm
    Campaign updates:
    – No Parkway
    – Divestment; debrief from panel
    – Waste
    – Food Justice/Boycott Aramark
    – New Business

    Minutes November 18th , 2013

    Justin, Alex, Nick, Vanessa, Brad, Calvin, Shelly, Julian

    Upcoming events:
    Do the Math film screening: tonight at Gzowski 108-
    Parkway meeting: November 20th 6:30pm Evinrude Center. You can call City Council to register to speak at 705 742 7777 or you can just show up and will be permitted to speak after everyone else who called in

    Nick and Tom’s Green Building design workshop
    -cost reduced to $250 each for total of $500
    -$400 approved for workshop
    -Nick and Tom will potentially host workshop at Trent to teach others of skills they acquired

    Reframe Film Festival
    -Julian sent out more details
    -cost is $300 a movie
    -total contribution of $500 ($250 for 2 movies) considered
    -discussion will continue next week

    Lug a mug
    -Shelley got lug a mug tickets
    -Colleen is willing to take on project but could use help if interested
    -Lug a mug is campaign where you give some one ticket for a free coffee/drink if you see them using a reusable mug

    Food issues
    -Nick would like to plan next potluck meal soon

    Butterfly garden
    -email was sent asking if anyone was interested in helping make a butterfly garden at Trail College

    -$150 (maximum) approved to promote divestment petition on Facebook via Sustainable Trent facebook page
    -Calvin will look into details for advertisement in Peterborough examiner-will vote on next week
    -advertisement package brought up includes 10 days in Peterborough Examiner and Northumberland today as well as 30 days online on Examiner website-prices start at $125

    Agenda Nov. 25th, 2013

    – Acknowledge the Land
    – Appoint a minute-taker
    – Check-ins
    – Reframe Films
    – Divestment
    – Food Issues
    – Waste/Lug a Mug
    – Parks not Parkways
    – Declaration on Climate Change
    – Use of funds for project
    – New business

    Minutes November 25th 2013

    Attendance: Julian, Calvin, Matt, Brad, Erin, Colleen, Nick
    Reframe Film Sponsorship (Julian)
    • Based on votes “No food no land no life” and “More than Honey”
    Divestment Updates (Calvin)
    Screening of “Do the Math”
    • Good turnout with lots of people interested in getting involved in the campaign
    • Hoping to have a meeting next week related to:
    o Printed petitions and posters to distribute to towns downtown
    o Hoping to get endorsements from certain groups
    Advertising for the campaign
    • Sponsored post for petition on Facebook
    o Over 20,000 people saw it and 50 people liked it and many people signed the petition
    o Helped to boost the likes on Sustainable Trent
    o Cost of approx 70 dollars
    • In contact with the local newspaper (Examiner) to see what the options are for print advertisements.
    • As of right now, Facebook seems to be effective, but examiner for community outreach
    • Examiner Ad in January
    • Calvin proposed to do another Facebook promotion of petition in a few weeks
    • Vote to support another Facebook promotion: Passed (Unanimous)
    • Goal for the petition: 500 signatures by Board Meeting
    Fracking Education Campaign (Nick)
    • Will be doing an information advertising campaign
    Food Issues and Boycott Aramark Group (no updates this week)
    Lug-a-Mug (Colleen)
    • “You’ve been mugged” Coupons printed and ready to be distributed
    • Aramark is going to give 1.60 (breakeven)
    • Planet
    • Seasoned Spoon (member price of coffee, 1.67)
    • No discount in most places, but that is the norm
    Parks Not Parkways
    • Occupy Jackson Park Sunday November 24th Didn’t have huge attendance. Supposed to be another gathering next week.
    Peterborough Declaration for Climate Change
    • Organized by Sustainable Peterborough
    • Discussion of whether or not to sign as Sustainable Trent
    • Can read more about the petition and sign it here:
    • “PETERBOROUGH DECLARATION ON CLIMATE CHANGE, Nov. 2013 We call on:  Individuals, organizations, businesses and governments to move vigorously and strategically towards more resilient and sustainable communities in all their actions, plans and policies.  Politicians and staff to integrate the existing and evolving Peterborough Sustainability Plan into all municipal planning decisions.  Citizens to require their politicians and other representatives at municipal, provincial, and national levels, to change “business as usual” thinking, and adopt pro-active policies such as the imposition of a carbon tax, and local economic development for essential life services.”
    • Vote on whether or not to sign/ support the petition as Sustainable Trent: Passed (Unanimous)
    • Calvin will contact Sustainable Peterborough about supporting the Petition
    Use of large project funds
    • Approximately 6000 dollars available
    • Funding Ideas
    o Solar panels : For Spoon, for Student Centre
    o Solar hot water heaters
    o Provide funding for Parks not Parkways
    o Greenhouses: Proposals needed
    • Steps moving forward
    o (Erin) Talk to Seasoned Spoon related support for solar power/needs
    o (Matt) Contact Sustainable Agriculture Society re: Greenhouse proposals
    o (Erin) Contact Melanie Buddle re: what she needs for Greenhouse proposal
    Sustainable Building Report Update (Nick)
    • Was able to attend workshop on Sustainable Building over the weekend
    • Looking to see how to apply what he’s recommended into recommendations/ report for the student centre.
    • Will be preparing a workshop/info session for Trent community
    Kawartha Loons Discussion

    Agenda Dec. 2nd, 2013

    – Acknowledge the Land
    – Minute-taker
    – Check-ins
    – President’s Office Hours
    Campaign Updates:
    – Divestment: advertisements, petitions
    – No Parkway
    – Boycott Aramark
    – Lug a Mug
    Greenhouse project
    – Next Steps: Action Items over holidays
    – Website
    – New business
    – Next meeting time

    Minutes December 2, 2013

    1. President’s Open Forum: Wednesday, December 4th, 1-2:30 pm at the Ceilie. This is a chance to
    talk to the president about anything you could possibly want.
    2. Divestment ads: basically talked about three different kinds of newspaper ads: big box, tall box
    and skyscraper (Calvin has the details). Decided that promoting the petition on facebook is the most
    economical way to advertise, along with free, in-person advertising
    3. Advertising Sustainable Trent on Facebook: We proposed the idea of buying ‘likes’ which will
    make Sustainable Trent more visible to other people. $150 approved for sponsoring ST on
    facebook to gain more likes
    4. Aamjiwnaang Solirdarity – brought to you by Vanessa Gray, the idea was to create awareness of
    the harsh living conditions that the Aamjiwnaang people are enduring being next to Sarnia’s
    Chemical Valley by creating a website. Julian created the website as part of a class project. The
    website will cost $26/year to run. This was voted on and those present have approved the idea.
    5. Re-creating the Sustainable Trent Website: An idea to create a whole new Sustainable Trent
    website was posited. It is possible to create a website using WordPress and the domain would be $26/
    year to run. $26 a year website cost approved. Julian will work on this over the holidays – deleting
    the old website and creating a new one with WordPress.
    6. Next Boycott Aramark/Free Alternative Food event. Meeting to plan it will be Thursday, Dec. 5th
    at 5 pm at KWIC
    7. Sustainable Trent PUB NIGHT! Is scheduled for February 6th, 2014 at Sadleir House around 9:30
    8. NO PARKWAY! There’s been news of many city folk wanting to run for council and have asked
    that they be supported by organizations like Sustainable Trent. It’s not known if they want money or
    just people want to give them moral support.
    It’s been said that Trent students can vote on matters that concern the city if they have been in
    Peterborough for at least 30 days, and have proof of address.
    There’s also an environmental assessment (EA) occurring for the Parkway and there are only 45 days
    left for comments. I’m not sure what the website is for the EA.
    9. Greenhouse Initiative: the plan to get another greenhouse on campus for easy access to locally
    grown food is in the works still. Planning on getting it established on Gzowski property. An idea to
    contact Tom Whillans, the prof in charge of ‘Greening the Campus’ course, to oversee/provide input
    for the project was suggested. Alex and Calvin said they may seek him out.
    10. Biogas Digester Idea! Was estimated to be too expensive at $1M. However, there was talk that it
    could be possible if done in conjunction with the university.
    11. Terracycle: you can submit non-recyclable items to them and you can get points for your items.
    12. Be happy!

    Minutes January 8th, 2014

    1. Divestment Campaign
    a. Posters – Calvin has distributed some posters for people to hang up around campus and downtown and anywhere.
    b. Film Screening – Students vs. Golliath film screening was proposed to be shown either before or after the Trent Board Of Governors meeting.
    c. The Board of Governors Divestment Meeting – scheduled January 31st in the afternoon some time.

    2. Boycott Aramark: Feast for Food Justice!
    a. Most likely date will be January 23rd at The Gathering Space, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Brad to confirm and alert the crew soon.
    b. Need people to volunteer to do dishes, do some promoting before the date, someone to drive OPIRG green dishes. Meeting regarding these responsibilities is scheduled for tomorrow (January 9th) at 4:00 pm at KWIC.
    c. Will most likely be a potluck (as well as some catering from local growers) so bring some good food!

    3. Food Services Review Committee – a collection of potential food service providers being considered by Trent to explain why they would be a good choice for the university. This will be taking place next week all located in the LEC Pit.
    Aramark January 13th @ 9am
    Brown’s Dining Solutions, January 14th @ 12pm
    Chartwells, January 16th @ 9am
    Sodexo, January 17th, @1pm
    4. OPIRG Anti-opression workshop for movement building ¬– January 16th in the evening for sure.

    5. Reframe Film Festival – January 24-26. We have sponsored two films: More than Honey and No Land NoFood NO Life. Because of this we can have people introduce these two films and perhaps explain what Sustainable Trent is and why we decided to sponsor these.
    6. Gasland 2 Peterborough Public Library Janurary 14th 7-9pm

    7. PUB NIGHT! February 6th 9pm-12am@ Sadleir House
    a. Need to organize (will it be an open mic, casual get-together or a petition party?)
    b. Advertise the event
    c. DJ? DJ Matthew Liang-Gibbard? Maybe?
    d. How will we set up the space? Definitely need some room for dancing!

    2. Transition Town Reskilling Institute – The decision to donate $500 to Transition Town for supporting the creation of workshops that promote sustainability has been approved by active members present.

    3. Undoing Border Imperialism put on by The Community Race Relations Committee ¬– January 20th at 6:30 pm
    • Want $100 from Sustainable Trent
    • Harsha Walia is presenting her book that promotes indigenous solidarity by fighting border imperialism.
    4. Powershift Atlantic – Halifax, March 28-31 2014. More information

    5. Environmental Advisory Board – Professor Hill is revamping the organisation to rewrite some of Trent’s environmental policies. Such policies could be that of an alternative investment policy … Meetings to be held once a month …
    6. WEBSITE! Check it out here.
    7. PARKWAY!? ¬¬¬¬– Students can vote. Proposal to get first years aware of this fact so that they may have a say in municipal affairs.
    It is known that the labour council of Peterborough wishes to have a cohesive council that have a common vision for the city. We should all run for council.
    8. LINE 9!!! Stop it. Sustainable Trent has a say in the National Energy Board hearings regarding this. A decision will likely be reached sometime in February.

    9. Creative ideas for the WAR ON SCIENCE! And DIVESTMENT!
    10. Also KWIC AGM January 18th at 7:30pm at Sadleir House with Dub Trinity!
    11. Clubs and Groups day January 16th Gzowski atrium stop by and say hello!

    Agenda Jan. 15/14

    – Acknowledge the Land
    – Minute-taker
    – Go-around/check-in

    Upcoming Events:

    – Food Forums: Thurs. @ 9: Chartwells. Fri. @ 1: Sodexo. LEC Pit
    – SAFS Gathering: Thurs. Jan. 16 at 8 pm at the White House Hotel
    – Boycott Aramark: Feast for Food Justice, Jan. 23, 5:30, Gathering Space

    – Undoing Border Imperialism, Reclaiming Citizenship: Community Talk with Harsha Walia and Deepan Budlakoti & CRRC AGM: Mon. Jan. 20, 6:30 – 10 at Sadleir House (8 pm is when the talk begins)

    – ReFrame Film Festival, Jan. 24 – 26: Introductions
    More than Honey at Showplace: Fri. Jan. 24 at 7:30 pm
    No Food No Land No Life at Market Hall: Sun. Jan. 26 at 12:00 pm

    – Presentation to Board of Governors on Divestment: Jan. 31st

    – Pub Night & Open Mic: Feb. 6th at Sadleir House – need a volunteer to operate the sound equipment – one vocal, one instrumental mic

    Other Items:

    – Divestment: petitions, advertisements
    – Website is ready to be launched! Please share: sustainabletrent,org
    – Funding/partnership request from Youth Environment Network
    – Environmental Advisory Board

    New Business

    Minutes January 15th, 2014

    1. Land acknowledged
    2. Those present: Sarah, Sam, Alex, Shelby, Matt, Brad, Calvin, Julian, Colleen, Nick, Erin
    3. Food Forums: Members have attended both Aramark and Browns
    a. members will attend and take notes on other forums
    b. Most of the information will be put into a report after the feast for food justice
    4. Meeting for the sustainable agriculture and food groups at 8pm on January 16th
    a. Matt will take minutes from this meeting to send to Sustainable Trent
    5. Feast for food justice
    a. Sub committee meeting tomorrow @3 in the kwic
    b. Event confirmed for Thursday the 23rd at 5:30
    c. Postering will occur today
    6. Undoing border imperialism
    a. Event is on Monday
    7. Reframe
    a. Proposal to fund the movie “Greedy Lying Bastards” for $100
    i. approved
    b. Proposal to buy a copy of the three films we are funding
    i. approved
    c. If anyone is interested in introducing any of the movies we are funding contact
    8. Greenspace coalition
    a. Candidates meeting at St.Paul Presbyterian @7 on the 29th of January
    9. Pub night
    a. Theme of fracking approved
    b. Nick will bottomline this event with Vanessa and others
    10. Powershift
    a. Look at partnering with other universities
    11. Beehive collective
    a. Approved funding for $300 for facilitator and transportation costs
    12. Highschool climate change action group
    a. Approved funding for $500 for general budget supplementation in order to help a group of Kenner CVI students form a climate change action group.
    13. New website
    a. Check out the new!
    b. Approved $150 for more facebook advertisement

    Agenda Jan. 22/14

    – Acknowledge the Land
    – Minute Taker
    – Check-ins
    Upcoming Events:
    – Peterborough Greenspace Coalition meetings: Jan. 22 and 29
    – Boycott Aramark: Feast for Food Justice, Jan. 23
    – ReFrame Film Festival this weekend: 3 film introductions
    – Pub Night/Open Mic: Feb.6 – need to plan & promote
    Other Items:
    – Powershift Atlantic: early bird registration ($30) closes Jan. 24
    – Divestment: petitions, endorsements
    – New Business

    Minutes January 22, 2014

    Stewart, Eric, Dan first time welcome
    Green space coalition meetings – one tonight closed
    Boycott Aramark meal tomorrow gathering space 530 nice, green dishes, input cards
    More than honey show place Friday 730
    No food no life no land Sunday 12 market hall
    Greedy lying bastards Sunday 10 venue
    Dan Lague green houses
    tccbe Trent courses Andy Creig
    Dave Kane geodesic domes 2100$ per house
    Looking for help
    Proposal for house in gardens, trail, gzowski, Champlain
    Facebook group green housing the campus
    Contact Shelly Sustainability Coordinator
    Pub night open mike Saddler frac off feb 6th
    Poster Vanesa, Nick, Brad
    Booking bands Nick
    West bank blues brothers, Calvin
    Powershift Atlantic (Pending)
    Board of Governors 31st January next Friday Open event
    Report of student center recommendation Nick
    ST Website great more people google glorious ascension
    Bottle plastic water ban
    Anisa IDs conference urbanism Friday 7th trail public library

    Agenda Jan. 29/14

    – Acknowledge the Land
    – Minute-taker
    – Check-ins
    Upcoming Events:
    – Presentation to the Board of Governors on Divestment: Friday at 1 pm
    – Pub Night & Open Mic at Sadleir – Frack Off! Feb. 6th at 9pm
    – Next Food Justice meal?
    – Early Earth Day/Week: Need to start planning/booking spaces
    Funding Requests:
    – Mi’kmaq warriors speaking tour
    Other Items:
    – Mission/Vision Statement
    New Business

    Agenda Feb. 5/14

    – Acknowledge the Land
    – Minute-taker
    – Check-ins
    – Update on the Divestment Campaign
    Upcoming Events
    – Open Mic/Pub Night: Thursday 9-12 pm @ Sadleir House
    – Peterborough Water Action Group meeting: Feb. 12, 6:30 – 8:30, likely at Sadleir: Sustainable Trent representative?
    – Boycott Corporate Food: March 4
    – Early Earth Week: March 10-14
    Other Items
    – Anti Oppression/Consensus Decision Making Training
    – New Mission & Vision Statement
    – Vision/Action/Mandate Document
    – Powershift Atlantic: application form, call-out, funding, etc.
    New Business

    Agenda Mar. 19th/14

    – Acknowledge the Land
    – Minute-taker
    – Check-ins
    – Powershift: Decisions around funding
    Upcoming Events:
    – Training: Saturday, March 22nd, 9 am – 6 pm
    – Early Earth Week
    – Sacred Water Circle: May 2-4: Sending delegates
    – Canadian Responsible Investments Conference: May 26-28
    – Divestment: petitions, advertisements
    – Stop Line 9
    – Parks not Parkways: EA submission
    – Positions for next year
    – Website

    Meeting/Minutes of 2014-15

    Meeting Agenda Sept. 9/14

    Welcome back, opening remarks, acknowledge land
    Appoint minute taker, go over agenda, time

    Introductions (name, year, program, if new how you found out about ST and what you want to do with ST, or if experienced member of ST what your experience has been with group and what you want to see this year)


    Overview/update of campaign
    -divestment movement; what it is and why it’s effective
    -referendum in TCSA election
    -petition; over 1000 signatures
    -endorsements: TCSA, TPSA, CUPE 3908, OPIRG, TUFA
    -Board presentation and decision
    Next steps:
    -endorsements: TUGS, TUNA, KWIC, TUPS, etc.
    -Faculty open letter (students can get profs to sign)
    -divestment convergence Montreal Nov 22 weekend; funding for travel, ST representatives

    Municipal election:
    -when is the election, who’s running, NO Parkway campaign, other issues
    -promotional event for progressive candidates/debate
    -tabling; collaboration with Peterborough Greenspace Coalition
    -bring candidates to school? i.e. Maryam Monsef, Dianne Therrien…

    Food Justice:
    -Aramark out, Chartwell’s in
    -meals, Seasoned Spoon can cater on campus
    -Food Services Committee ST representative
    -vision for year in terms of food justice events, campaign, other ideas
    -student farm

    Upcoming Events:
    September 10th: Clubs and Groups Day 10am-4pm-need a new cloth for table, who can table and when, pamphlets, banner drop?
    September 14th: Display case booked for ST at Bata; ideas- election, divestment
    September 24th: KWIC Open house 11am-2pm

    Should climate change warning labels be on gas pumps-guest lecture
    -Peterborough Declaration on Climate Change 2014 endorsement

    Visioning- new ideas, strategies, connections outreach, new campaigns, working groups

    Closing, next meeting time

    Agenda Sept. 16/14

    Go Around
    Acknowledge Land
    Appoint Minute Taker

    Report Back
    -Clubs and Groups day
    -Bata Library display case

    Upcoming Events
    – September 16: OPIRG Free Vegan BBQ @Sadleir House 5:00-8:00 pm
    -September 17: Meetup with Maryam Monsef @270 George Street 1-3pm
    -September 17: SAFS meet and greet @Wenjack 6-9pm
    -September 18: Seed GardenTour @Liftlock Visitors Centre 11am-5pm
    -September 20th: Student Activist Assembly @Gathering Space 10:30am-5pm
    -September 21st: Purple Onion Festival/Climate Change Rally @Millenium Park. Festival is 11-4pm. Climate change rally is at 1:30pm
    September 23rd: OPIRG Consensus Based Decision Making workshop @Sadleir House 6-8pm

    -TQC and TrentU figure skating endorsements
    -new endorsements, faculty signatures?
    -debate with Trent Conservatives
    -awaiting on formal letter
    -divestment 101 workshop

    Municipal Election
    -all candidates are official
    -event in planning

    Food Justice

    -Vandana Shiva
    -ST rep for Peoples Climate March in NYC

    Minutes Sept. 16th, 2014

    Attendance: Justin, Colleen, Will, Katy, Tiffia, Preetkaur, Solomon, Illana, Daniel, Becca, Abbie, Jasmine, Calvin

    Report Back
    -Clubs and Groups day went well. Lots of people interested
    -Bata Library display case is up

    Upcoming Events
    – September 16: OPIRG Free Vegan BBQ @Sadleir House 5:00-8:00 pm
    -September 17: Meetup with Maryam Monsef @270 George Street 1-3pm
    -September 17: SAFS meet and greet @Wenjack 6-9pm
    -September 18: Seed GardenTour @Liftlock Visitors Centre 11am-5pm
    -September 20th: Student Activist Assembly @Gathering Space 10:30am-5pm
    -September 21st: Purple Onion Festival/Climate Change Rally @Millenium Park. Festival is 11-4pm. Climate change rally is at 1:30pm
    Barrel to be painted and brought to KWIC for pickup on Thursday
    September 23rd: Farmers Market @Bata Library 9am-1pm
    September 23rd: OPIRG Consensus Based Decision Making workshop @Sadleir House 6-8pm

    -TQC and TrentU figure skating endorsements
    -debate with Trent Conservatives to be planned
    -awaiting on formal letter
    -divestment 101 workshop to happen soon

    Municipal Election
    -make sure to register to vote on City of Peterbrough website
    -look up candidate in ward, spread word

    Food Justice
    -working group

    Funding request:
    Sister in Spirit-$500 approved

    -ST rep for Peoples Climate March in NYC-ST reps going to NYC!!!
    -Growing Cities screening Oct 24th
    -Disruption film screening
    -ST social night, restaurant, etc.?
    -Sadleir house booking
    -Bike for Save the Arctic campaign
    -Colleen to sell coffee with Dans coffee outside-help needed

    Agenda Sept. 23, 2014

    Go around
    Acknowledge land
    Appoint Minute Taker

    Report Back
    Purple Onion Festival/Climate Change Rally/Painted Rain Barrel Contest
    New York?
    Bata Library display case
    SAFS meeting & greet
    Student activist assembly

    September 23rd: OPIRG Consensus Based Decision Making workshop @Sadleir House 6-8pm
    September 28th: Town Ward candidate meeting. The candidates will be stationed on King St between Boswell Ave and Elias Ave and will meet and greet anybody from Town Ward.

    Fossil Fuel divestment national convergence Montreal November 22-24
    OPIRG divestment week-pub night at Sadleir debate with Trent Conservatives
    Faculty signatures?
    Still awaiting on formal letter

    Municipal Election
    Meeting the candidates day October 6th-working on it

    New signing authority for cheques
    Vandana Shiva

    Minutes – Sept. 23/14

    Attendance: Calvin, Katrina, Tom, Michael, Daniel, Jasmine, Jelena, Colleen, Ana, Sarah, Sarah, Erin, Katie, Will, Becka
    Assign Minute taker
    Acknowledge the land
    Reports Back
    Purple Onion festival – not sure on results, decent turnout
    New York – No one attended, Rockefeller divestment
    Display Case
    Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems meeting – request for volunteers to help with the bee hives on campus
    Student Activist Assembly – no one attended

    OPIRG Consensus Workshop – Sept 23 – 6-8pm Sadlier House
    Municipal Candidates Meeting – Sept 28 – King St.
    Municipal Candidates Debates – Sept 24, 7pm – Lions Club
    – Oct. 9, 630pm – Venue

    Divestment National Convergence – Nov. 22-24 – Montreal
    OPIRG Divestment Week – end of January
    – Requesting partnership
    – Divestment debate
    – Pub night – Jan 29th
    Divestment still waiting for formal letter, gaining endorsements through letters

    Food Justice – Student affairs approved funding for work study group for sustainability food systems
    (check Trent job board)
    – Requesting a qualitative research group to look at Chartwells
    – Fair trade coffee day Sept. 24th

    Movie Day – “Students of Goliath” – Sept. 30, 6-9pm
    – Calvin to book a room
    – Potluck

    Bringing election Candidates to Campus – Oct. 6
    – Half day for everyone, half day for Northcrest specifically
    – Setting up registration posts in residences

    Vandana Shiva – Nov. 16
    – KWIC, Dan Legaut, Trent heading this up
    – Request for funding, they have 5000$ still needed
    Jackson Park – moonlight walk – Oct. 8th
    -encouraging cycling
    -contest, compete for most KM cycled
    -biking to certain business’ gives a discount

    Cheque Writers, need to replace two who graduated
    – Motioned proposed to have Calvin, Erin, Colleen as cheque writers
    – Motion passed
    Ice Ride – registered ride with Greenpeace
    – Will work on collaborating with community groups to organize
    KWIC open house – Sept 24, 11am-2pm

    Waste Audits around campus proposal -> paper making workshop

    Lug-a-mug – start up soon (preferably 1st week of October)
    – Need to contact Dan Legaut

    Agenda Sept. 30, 2014

    Appoint Minute Taker
    Go around
    Acknowledge land

    October 4th Sisters in Spirit March @Confederation Park 3pm
    October 6th David Suzuki Blue Dot Tour Virtual Classroom:

    Our Food Systems –Are you Hungry for Change? @LEC Pit 12-1:30pm
    This virtual lecture will include the following distinguished environmental and food systems experts for a critical review of the current state of our food systems and looking forward for positive change.
    David Suzuki, Co-Founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, is an award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster.
    J.B. MacKinnon has won numerous national and international awards for journalism. As the originator of the 100-mile diet concept, he appears regularly in Canada and the USA as a speaker and commentator on ecology and food.??
    Utcha Sawyers, With over 15 years of devotion to social justice activism work within communities of colour and low-income communities both locally and internationally, Utcha Sawyers brings to the table a pollinated grassroots approach to the ever growing Food Justice and Food Sovereignty movement that has been building momentum over Toronto’s food action movement.

    October 6th City Councilor meet & greet @Great Hall 2-9pm
    Volunteers needed
    October 7th Gathering of the Greens @Sadlier House 7:30pm
    October 8th Students & Goliath film screening 6-9pm GCS 110
    October 9th Op Wallea
    On Thursday, October 9th at 2:30pm in LHSB D212, Dr. Justin Hines of the
    field research organization Operation Wallacea will be giving a presentation
    about opportunities available for students next summer. Choice of location
    includes the cloud forests and coral reefs of Honduras, the lush tropical
    rainforest and immense coral reefs of Indonesia, the rivers and estuaries of
    the Peruvian Amazon, the bush of northeastern South Africa, and the coral
    reefs of Cuba.
    Opportunities include:
    * Learning to dive on an uninhabited tropical island among world
    class coral reefs
    * Jungle trekking in pristine unsurveyed rainforests seeking out
    species new to science
    * Working on sustainable community development projects with the
    locals (Indonesia, Honduras)
    * Surveying river dolphins, manatees, uakari and spider monkeys and
    macaws along the Peruvian Amazon
    * Performing big game surveys and assessing bush habitat (South
    October 9th Mayoral Debate @The Venue 6:30pm-9:30pm
    October 10th Environmental Advisory Board meeting 9-10am AJM Smith Room
    Need ST rep
    November 16th Vandana Shiva

    -new endorsement from TUNA
    -BOG meeting October 3rd Best Western Otonabee Inn at 1pm; need someone from ST to be there
    -formal letter
    -TUPS rejected

    Fossil Fuel divestment convergance
    The fossil fuel divestment movement is building. Around the world, tens of thousands of students are mobilizing to take a stand against fossil fuel industries. In Canada, there are already nearly thirty divestment campaigns on university and college campuses, from coast to coast. From November 7th-9th we will be holding the first ever Fossil Free Canada Convergence in Montreal, Quebec.

    We’ll bring together students from campuses across to take the fossil fuel divestment movement in Canada to the next level. With dynamic speakers, skills trainings, planning sessions and workshops, we’ll create the capacity for strong collective action against tar sands, pipelines, and fracking. We’ll focus on the importance of divestment to the broader climate justice movement and ensure we are building a movement that supports the struggles of communities at the frontlines.??Working on a divestment campaign already? Gearing up to launch one? You should be in Montreal from November 7th-9th to be a part of building this movement to help dismantle the fossil fuel industry and create a transition to a clean and just energy economy. ??Keynote speakers include Crystal Lameman, member of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation, Treaty No. 6, and Climate & Energy Campaigner for the Sierra Club Prairie Chapter in Alberta. More speakers and trainings to be announced soon.

    This is a joint project led by the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition and support by the Concordia Student Union, and the Student Society of McGill University.

    Food Justice
    ST food committee rep

    Municipal Election
    -Maryam Monsef opposes Parkway extension
    -list of Candidates who oppose Parkway out by FoJP

    TUPS/OPIRG tabling
    One of the primary ways that we are trying to reach out to students is through a presence on campus. During the week of October 6th-10th from 11am-3pm, we are going to have two tables set up on campus: one in the Athletic Centre lobby, and the other in Bata. The primary goal of these tables is to help students get on the voters list in Peterborough. The tables will also provide information about the role of municipal governments, the candidates, and key issues in Peterborough.
    We are looking for volunteers to be present and provide information at these tables. In addition to promoting voting, volunteers would aid in students in signing up to vote. If you are interested in volunteering at one of these tables, please reply to this email with times between 11am-3pm on October 6-10th that you would be available. With that information we will be able to create a schedule to circulate back to you with the exact times and location.
    TUPS is providing an information session for anyone interested in volunteering at these tables. We ask that, if possible, volunteers attend one of the offered times for an info session so that accurate and consistent information can be provided. These info sessions will be offered on Tuesday, September 30th from 2-3pm in GCS 103, and Thursday, October 2nd from 9-10am in CCN K1. If you are interested in volunteering, but are not available either of these times, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding alternate arrangements.

    Student Centre
    As many of you are probably aware, the Student Centre that was proposed in the spring of 2013 is finally moving forward. Many, if not all, of you will have felt the space crunch on campus as office space becomes non-existent, event space becomes harder to get and your ability to communicate with students becomes limited by disappearing advertisement space. With the creation of new student owned and operated space comes the opportunity to develop space for the groups that so greatly enrich student life on campus. As we get ready to enter the design phase of the building we are in the perfect time to consider the needs of all student groups so that we always have them in the forefront of our minds.
    Some questions to consider:
    How can the space benefit you? What can we put in the building to make your goals easier? What space would you like (office, event, workspace, meeting space)? Are there any services that we currently do not offer that you think we can integrate into the building that will assist you?

    Jackson Park event

    Minutes September 30, 2014

    Calvin, Erin, Daniel, Katie, Jasmine, Jelena, Kortney, Abby, Anastasia, Eric, Colleen, Taylor, Becca,

    Saturday October 4th
    · Sisters in Spirit March/ HOTT: Confederation Park

    Monday October 6th
    · 12-1:30pm David Suzuki : LEC Pit
    · 2-5pm City Council Meeting Bill Templeman : Great Hall

    Tuesday October 7th
    · 7:30pm : Sadlier House

    Thursday October 9th
    · Mayoral Debate 6:30-9:30: Venue

    Operation WALEA?
    · Credit
    · Peru, S.Africa
    · Presentation coming soon
    November 16th
    · Vandana Shiva

    October Wednesday 8th OPIRG
    · 7pm-9pm: Sadlier House
    · City hall 101 (How to influence municipal politics, awareness, what you can do, etc)

    · To form a committee representing the Students and what we want to see from Chartwells
    · Community and Sustainable Rep
    · Chartwells:

    o Proposition formation for Chartwells
    o Sustainability coordinator from Colleges, TCSA Enviro. Commissioner
    o What we want to see changed
    o Increasing locally sourced?

    Works with KWIC, ERS coordinator
    Thursday October 2nd, 4:30-6:30 Volunteer coordination for Vandana Shiva, other Kwic events throughout year.

    ST Social
    Film Screening

    Bike Summit Saturday October 4th, 2014

    Fossil Fuel Divestment Convergence
    November 7th-9th
    Organizing starts next week! (October 7th)

    Moonlight Walk
    Wed Oct 8th @ 9pm
    Purpose: bring people to Jackson Park
    Prep for the debate the following day
    Possible FoodNotBombs catering
    Blankets, Jars needed

    TUPS – Oct 6th-10 9-10am
    Table in AC and Bata
    Need volunteers
    Tabling to get students registered
    Info Sessions Oct 2nd CCN K1
    Student Centre
    TCSA wants to know what we think
    “How can this space benefit us?”
    “What space would you like: Office, study room, work space, meeting space?”
    What we want—Storage room/space, event spaces, meeting space, bottle filling station, bike racks/shelters, bike fix-it station, student run food service
    Friday 1pm Best Western Otonabee Inn
    Board of Governors meeting
    Possible discussion of Divestment
    Becca and Jelena are going

    Private FB group for ST members

    The ONLY Social 9pm Tonight

    Minutes Nov. 11, 2014

    Climate Change Warning Labels
    – Was great!
    – May start campaign here at Trent soon (possibly in collaboration with “For Your Grandchildren”)
    -emailed Calvin about meeting on that
    -more info to come

    Montreal Convergence
    – Lots of workshops
    – Campaign ideas, promotion
    – Shared with universities across Canada, few from US
    – Divestment-Specific Meeting FRIDAY at 3
    – Work on Faculty Open Letter for Petition Signatures
    – Timeline on website to show campaign progress
    – People who went to Montreal to write 500 word piece about the weekend

    – Calvin wants to meet with Leo Groake

    – Endorsed by TUNA, Ray Dart (Business), and more
    – Open letters will be discussed more on Friday’s meeting

    – Art for Activism
    – Thursday Nov 13th, 9pm – Sadlier House
    – Calvin will be playing

    Vandana Shiva
    -Sunday Nov 16th, 11am
    -Elders panel Gathering space 1-4pm
    – no ticket needed for Elders panel

    Nov 17th, 11am Wenjack
    – GE Foods discussion

    Active Minds
    – Tori Silvera would like to collaborate with ST for some events

    “Growing Cities”
    -Nov. 26, Film Screening – 7pm
    -Taylor will provide us with location and URL on ST group
    – Urban agriculture/ sprawl, etc.
    -Need to register – free

    Minutes, November 18, 2014

    Present: Calvin, Taylor, Justin, Jasmine, Abby, Andrew, Michael, Michelle

    Vandana Shiva Report Back:
    – Very empowering speaker, but how do we spread the message to wider social circles that are new to these ideas/movements

    -Guest Speaker that is significantly involved in Line Nine Activism:
    -science complex 203

    Food Service open forums by TCSA
    -Nov. 24, 3-5pm OC
    -Nov. 25, 3-5pm Gzowski

    Board of Governors Meeting
    – Dec. 5, Time?
    – try to have a consistent ST/ student body presence

    Next week tuesday/wednesday night meeting at The Only…for Divestment Working group and also ST social.

    Taylor going to further inform ST about Bioblitz of cataloguing Ash and Buckthorn trees for management, looking at the potential of replacing them with food trees for students

    Divestment Working Group:

    -making google doc for group, check off list of what they said

    -faculty signatures needed for open letter
    -Andrew getting Prof opinion list on reasons why they would not sign to divest
    -Michael and Andrew potentially going to TCSA meeting to propose to them the open letter on Sunday
    -brainstorm as group about how to deal with Profs that dont want to sign that are worried about pension removal
    -Everyone is assigned their profs to talk to about signing open letter
    -Everyone was assigned different groups/businesses/society’s for endorsement letter

    Conatcted Leo Groarke (president of trent) about Divestment Campaign, replied quickly and said that it is going to be a frequent topic of conversation at board meetings, he is not sure if it is a necessary path for the university to take at this time, but is willing to meet with Calvin/ST in new year to discuss this….encouraging 🙂

    Climate Change Warning Labels:
    Ryan Lamoreaux who was at the climate change warning label meeting suggested that:
    -ST hosts a talk in early Feb
    -posters with your logo on it
    -getting a lecture hall
    -advertise in student paper about the talk
    -tabling in student union building
    -talk to city staff…may voice concerns about jurisdiction
    -try to get most of student body to come
    -Make a 10 min pitch at city hall with time for Q and A, to get it on their agenda for an eventual decision.
    **create working group for this idea

    Minutes November 25, 2014

    In Attendance: Calvin, Andrew, Michael, Becca, Michelle J, Tori, Katrina, Anastasia, Kortney, Abbey, Daniel, Colleen, Jasmine, Michelle, Shelley

    · Phil Abbott has been approached, TBSA will be on Sunday
    · Working group meeting TBA
    · Calvin meeting with Braydon from TCSA tomorrow (Wed Nov 26)
    · Working group with OPIRG Wed Nov 26 to plan Divestment Week (January)/Anti-Apartheid Week

    o Banner drop and a march?
    o Keynote speaker, panel, New Extractivism-Digging our way out
    o Possible Pub Night (Wine and Dine theme) End of January

    Gas Warning Labels
    · Have potential supporters/ city councillors speak with Rob Shirkey about campaign
    · Maybe think about this over the winter break
    · For Our Grandchildren (PTBO organization) will attempt to speak with Bennet (Mayor)

    ReFrame Festival (January 23rd-25th)
    · How should ST support them?
    o Money goes towards screening fees, costs associated with festival
    o Sponsorships apply to all films, but we can choose to pick specific film(s) to sponsor/introduce.
    o Just Eat It; Living on the Edge; Family Farm are all films that touch on ST-related themes/issues
    o ST sponsorships of $200 for each of the above mentioned films, as well as a $200 general sponsorship for the event = $800 Sponsorship


    Trent Active Minds (Tori)
    o Mental Health Advocacy Group
    o 4 annual events – planning 2nd event (tentative: January 30th)
    o Symposium would include feeding people, interactive workshops, talks from various program Profs, college heads will be running their own events
    § Is anyone from ST interested in running an event?
    · Colleen suggests a tree ID workshop
    · Perhaps a hike that highlights the mental health benefits to being in Nature
    § As many workshops as we’d like to run, but at least two are suggested to give students options
    o Art Gala event in March (21st?)
    o Lets Talk Event
    o No Stress Day

    Active Minds has Talking Circles every other week (Next is in December—Tori will get us the date) to express mental health and discussion: Very relieving!
    -Tues Dec 2nd, Outside wenjack 12pm-4:30
    Cookies and compliments! Be there!
    Movie night that night as well—LEC Pit

    ST End of Year Social
    § Potluck?
    § Night of the week TBD: Will figure out on FB group

    Shelley will get Colleen her poster from a couple years ago

    Minutes January 21st, 2015

    Attendance: Kortney, Abbey, Becca, Joey, Michael, Alyssa, Taylor, Ana, Lauren, Justin, Colleen, Calvin

    Topics of Discussion:
    1. REFRAME
    Just Eat It – Colleen will be introducing (** reminder to include KWIC and Sustainable Trent)
    Family Farm – Ana will be introducing

    2. Peterborough Examiner Article – Divestment Campaign Poster
    Change the narrative, apology for the misunderstanding but not the usage of the flag?
    Going forward – Overwrite the Israeli flag on our Banner to drop to “Israeli Apartheid”, contact OPRIG to respond to the newspaper articles, contact OPRIG to change Facebook Event cover photo (perhaps

    3. Divestment Week
    Monday – Banner drop at 9am, Film Screening 5:30pm Lady Eaton Pit
    Tuesday – Workshop with Canadian Mining Awareness 5:30 GC345, Debate at 7pm Gzowski Gathering Space
    Wednesday – Discussion on Boycott Divestment 5-7pm Champlain Learning Commons
    Thursday – Keynote Speaker 7-9pm Sadlier House, followed by pub night social, [Drop Chevron’s Dirty Hand banner]
    Friday – Rally on Campus 2pm LEC Entrance during BOG meeting

    4. Divestment working Group Meeting Friday at 3pm in KWIC
    Colleen making Carbon bubbles Sunday night

    5. Food Services Sustainability Working Group – contact Ana/Taylor/Michael if interested in the Waste Audit (sorting through garbage next week FEBRUARY Tues 3rd, Wed 4th, Thursday 5th) VOTED TO GIVE THEM $50

    6. New Extractivism Weekend – Annual IDST Community Movement – 15$ for 5 meals, Sadlier house, PCVS, Trail

    7. Ash Tree Inventory January 31st 9-4pm, Meet in the CRYPT

    8. Kortney’s New Sticker for Divest From Fossil Fuels awaiting approval!

    Minutes February 4, 2015

    In attendance: Andrew, Alyssa, Becca, Kortney, Michael, Jasmine, Abby, Anastasia, Justyn, Colleen, Calvin

    Funding Requests:

    Trent Market Garden – (2) Student Positions
    -seeking $2000 ST funding
    -SAFS Society initiative
    -Locally grown organic produce for sale to Chartwells at Standard Market price
    -Aim to create 2 student jobs (Which requires funding) to work garden (full-time & part-time)

    Global Youth Day
    -seeking $1000 ST funding
    -Funding for 12th annual conference
    -Thursday May 7th @ PCVS

    Black History Month
    -seeking ST funding to cover cost of honorariums, fees, etc.
    -Film screening, workshops, events, school visits
    -proposed funding amount: $300, $500
    -VOTE: $500 APPROVED

    Transition Town Peterborough
    -volunteer group
    -working at decreasing reliance on fossil fuels
    -APPROVED $500 funding request

    Divestment Week
    -Pub Night Pizza, Sticker printing
    -Reimbursement approved

    Food Service Sustainability Committee
    -currently working on College Waste Audit/Competition
    -goal to reduce waste consumption, increase correct waste diversion
    -Changing POS button at Chartwells to offer a $0.69 reduction of drink costs if a reusable mug is brought
    -“Permanent” Lug-A-Mug-type campaign, in collaboration with ST
    – Seeking ~$1500 – $2000 funding
    -also speaking to other groups, such as TCSA to seek funding
    -“Left-over” funding to be carried over next year
    – Funding Request Letter to be presented at future ST meeting

    – Kortney and Becca want to re-vamp our Sustainable Trent display board in Otonabee College
    -More current, eye-catching
    -Will bring ideas next meeting

    -Replied to Colleen’s letter sent in November

    – Dianne Therrien (Councillor – Town Ward) also endorses our Divestment Campaign

    -Time to prepare for a Board of Governors’ answer to our call for Divestment

    Feb 13th
    Global Divestment Day
    Theme: Breaking Up with Fossil Fuels

    Perhaps we should contact BOG members individually to find out their personal stance on the subject

    Next week Divestment Working Group
    -Faculty open letter
    -more endorsements

    Minutes Feb. 25, 2015

    Kortney, Becca, Michael, Taylor, Abbey, Jasmine, Colleen, Anastasia, Calvin, Anisah

    Points of Interest:
    1. Truly Be Me @ The Seasoned Spoon (Thursdays – 4:30pm yoga, 6pm food, followed by meditation and sharing)
    2. Event– Traditional Teachings tonight at 6, Gathering Space
    3. OPRIG AGM – Thursday at Sadlier – 6pm Scott House Room 105 (free meal included, keynote speaker)
    4. Funding Proposal: Dan Legault for Indigenous Farming Conference, Minnesota USAà will return with information, seed and a presentation
    – Asking for $500 ($150 registration, $150 lodging, flight)
    – Really dedicated to sustainable food systems, Trent experimental garden, Peterborough food market stand, food services sustainability committee, season spoon workshops etc.
    – VOTE: YES FOR $500
    5. Funding Proposal: Lug-a-Mug Campaign & Subsidy
    – Asking for $1825 to support coverage for .29 cents per cup sold (Chartwells covering .40 cents per cup sold) which equals $1750 for the subsidy and $75 for promotional materials
    – Promote reusable and sustainable beverage consumption
    – VOTE: YES FOR $1825

    6. Get a balance for our Sustainable Trent Account** for next week
    7. Lug-a-Mug Campaign Promotion – addition to the website, posters, #trentlugs, Colleen’s baby posters, make sure all advertisement excludes Tim Horton’s and Starbucks, lecture announcements, promotion of the waste challenge, article or advertisement spot in the Arthur, Facebook
    8. Divestment Campaign
    – Faculty Open Letter: approximately 45 signatures, editorial to be in this week’s Arthur, attempt to get mainstream media attention, contact the CBC once we’ve hit 50
    – Discussing the potential to exclude pension, discuss partial-divestment,
    – Faculty referendum for just endowment divestment (we would need to present at Trent Faculty Association meeting March 13th 1-3pm),
    – Alumni contact and circulation of presentation
    9. Waste Challenge – competition between the collages (challenge March 16th) too…
    – Reduce overall amount of resources/waste
    – Improve the streaming/separation of putting resources/waste in their proper place (more of an educational exercise)
    10. TCSA Farmers Market Discount

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