Student led research is an excellent way for students to gain practical experience while contributing to important initiatives and campaigns. Currently, Sustainable Trent is the host organization for two exciting projects being completed through the Trent Centre for Community Based Education (TCCBE). The final reports from these investigations will be published on the TCCBE website.

If you have a research idea that you think fits into our mandate or supports one of our campaigns, we would be happy to discuss it with you and potentially support by being a host organization.


Here are the two projects currently underway:

Trent University’s Investments in the Fossil Fuel Industry:


Fourth-year student Julian Tennent-Riddell is conducting research on Trent’s investments and investment policies in order to gain valuable information and insights for Sustainable Trent’s proposal for divestment from fossil fuels. The project is hosted by Sustainable Trent and OPIRG Peterborough, supervised by Ian Attridge from the Environmental & Resource Studies program, and is due to be completed in Spring 2014.

Understanding the Environmental Impact of New Infrastructure:

student centre

Trent students Nick Weissflog and Tom Willington are conducting research on how can the environmental impact of the proposed new Student Centre can be most effectively minimized. Focus will be placed on the building’s energy and water efficiency as well as site disturbance/placement and building materials.


One component of answering this question will be a comparison between each point in the LEED certification system, its cost, and the degree to which it will affect environmental impact of the New Student Centre. Case studies will be a key tool as well as networking and gathering feedback/information from related projects in the Peterborough community such as Trent’s DNA and AC buildings, the Camp Kawartha building, the Endeavor Centre and other sustainable building experts.

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